Is dealership obligated?

You may remember years ago there were several private web sites set up after car talk changed their software and rules. Don’t remember the first name but later called chat house. It was a good place but the main person got cancer and turned management over to another guy. He ended up getting killed in a car accident near St. Louis. No one left and just ran out the pre paid service fee and died.

There was a second one. Can’t recall the name now but the folks were dyed in the wool political people. The place was really no fun and is maybe still going.

It’s hard work keeping a site alive but stifling speech has never gone over well. With limitations that is. Something wrong when a major world event happens and no one can mention it.

I recall a forum member urging people to join his new web site, which was called… This Old Wrench (?)… or something along those lines. Is that the one?

Except when he DOES become a danger…to you, or someone you know or love!

Only takes one time, the first time, and that can sneak up on him, and his family.

Being over 70, do I want to “get my keys taken away?” Certainly not. But I have also GIVEN PERMISSION to my near and dear for them to tell me when I become a danger to myself and others on the road.

The greater good is always more important than my own desires–wear a mask, get the vax during a pandemic, etc…I am an American.


I have no use for any sports or weather broadcasting (easier to read and digest a forecast…) but if it was as fun as Car Talk, I would listen. I listen to NPR podcasts of Car Talk and since there were so many and so long ago, I forget them and find them refreshing! Maybe someone will need to take away my keys soon…

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Good American-values sentiment and I understand why you say that. But there’s a time and a place for talking about politics and world events, and there’ no end to the number of ways to do so on the internet & in person,; but imho CarTalk isn’t one of them. I much prefer this forum’s content to focus on the same sort of topics, and in roughly the same proportion as discussed on the radio programs. Cars, car repairs, amusing personal stories which may or may not be car-related etc. Would you feel censored, like you are living in an anti-American-values culture, if you are forced to talk about politics & world events elsewhere?

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No I would not . Web Forums are free to set their own guidlines . And that is the way it should be.

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No, I think that was another one the tester was using. A lady from Hawaii and one from Oregon or someplace and finally a lady down south. A pretty good following for a while. The other one was opinion one or something like that, that a guy named bicycle bill was active on. He was a political hack like no other.