Interested in buying a cordless electric impact wrench is 300 ft lbs enough for everyday task

300 ftlbs? Based on my experience, it would be a waste of money. In very short order it would be gathering dust the miscellaneous storage drawer and replaced by a more expensive and capable tool. If you can afford it, upgrade now.

Like I told a neighbor contemplating a smaller HP snow blower- when was the last time you heard someone complaining about having too much power?

It’s only going to take one or two times it falls short (and it will) for you to regret buying the economical version that is fairly limited in power…

Agreed with @TwinTurbo‌ . 300 ft/lbs is plenty to get wheels off unless the tire shop goober was being especially dumb the last time your wheels were put on. But it’s not going to be able to guarantee cracking that crankshaft pulley loose. Those suckers can require an astonishing amount of torque to break loose.

Snap-on and Matco make good products I have not used the Craftsman brand.

Does Snap-On or Matco make tools?

I have never met a bolt that a breaker bar, pipe, sledge hammer, or heat couldnt take. At the same time, Ive never removed a crankshaft bolt haha.

My in-laws run a boat transport business and are constantly trailering boats across the country. They use snap on batter powered impact drills. As far as I can tell theyre happy with them.

Not that its entirely on topic, but while we’re on the subject of drills I do contracter work and used makita impact drivers and LOVE them. Lithium ion was great.

I wanted to buy an impact driver of my own and found a deal on sears website for an impact and regular drill for 98 bucks. They came in yesterday and Im really pleased so far. Lithium ion as well, but came with just 1 battery.