Improving the gas mileage on 1999 Nissan Pathfinder

Yesterday, I was in back of a guy with a fairly late-model Accord, and he was braking his car every few seconds as a result of his tailgating. Because I kept a safe following distance, I rarely had to do any braking.

What I found to be interesting was that the only brake light on his car that still worked was the left rear, so in addition to wearing-out his brakes prematurely and ruining his gas mileage, he is clearly also burning out brake light bulbs prematurely. Once he burns-out that one remaining brake light, he will probably get rear-ended, and I feel sorry for the poor schmuck who does actually rear-end him.

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I’m gonna get my dash cam from that dusty closet now :slight_smile:

Good ideas all around. About the best the owner can do as far as the engine is concerned is keep the suggested maintenance up to date, a make sure it is running at the correct operating temperature. If the coolant is even a little lower in temperature than it should due to a warped, leaky, or stuck thermostat, that can significantly degrade mpg. There’s no check engine light on, right?

Sounds like you drive just like I do and my wife drives just like yours with similar results. I try to think of the brake pedal as a device that turns gasoline into heat instead of propelling the car.

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