Importing a Fiat Panda 4x4?

Waiting for one to become available here, then test driving it, is a good idea. What would you use it for once you get it? If it’ll be a hobby car, just for fun, then no problem. Just don’t expect to get parts at the Fiat dealer.

… which could be quite difficult.
When those cars were new it was a real chore to get replacement parts for them!

It would be a hobby car, something to just drive around my city on my free time.

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The Lane motor museum in Tennessee has one in their collection, along with a later model Panda,Fiat Multipla, most of their collection is from Europe. The one they have is reported to put out 48hp which is the same as the 70’s VW diesels (we had a 1978 Rabbit) and while you could get up to highway speeds eventually, you were better off around town.
They may have both their pandas on display as part of an exibition called Then & Now with old and new examples of various cars. Some are normally too new to import otherwise but are in the collection.

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… when it runs, which could be… infrequently.

Brand new ones remind me of a Honda Fit in appearance.

Honestly, I think I’d rather have the Honda Fit. :smile:

Eh, I really dislike the look for the new ones and the honda fit as well, I really like how the mk1 and 2 pandas look, I really dislike round cars like the fit and the new panda.

What are you driving now ?

2017 Camaro RS

Two peas in a pod…:smile:

A Fiat from that era will be an unreliable piece of lawn furniture. I’m in New Zealand and we had these and all the other Fiat models of the era. Any 25-30 year old car will be having both minor & major issues. The Fiats specifically had many and various electrical issues as they aged & without a dealer or parts network any small mechanical maintenance or remedy will be a total PIA. Without a source of used parts in junkyards where you are you’ll essentially have the aforementioned piece of lawn furniture.
But hey, if a car being cute is enough for you go for it. Most people want a car that will start, run and that you can open the doors (yes, door latch mechanisms can break).

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I imported a 1988 fiat panda 4x4 Sisley. I was raised in the UK. My first car was a standard front wheel Panda, met its end in rust. I always wanted the 4x4 and now I have one in Texas. The car operates just fine here on the roads with the likes of trucks but parts have to be imported ahead and I have a manual with a mechanic who services it. If you ever want to see one in operation here I do take mine to shows and it does weekly shopping trips.