Icy hill best taken in neutral?

For boots, hex head sheet metal screws in dedicated heavy lug boots work very well if you must walk and work over terrain that include glare ice.
Instead of damaging the soles of your boots, invest a few bucks in these; I can’t say enough good things about them. I had them for a couple of years and had never worn them, but we had a bad ice storm here in Iowa a few years ago, and it was like a skating rink outside. I put these things on and I could run on the ice! A wise investment, in my humble opinion.

Jt1979…living where we do and as much walking and working on ice throughout the entire winter under foot on the roads and on the lake, we have just about every version of "strap on " boot traction aids with everything from spikes to cables. Though many are excellent traction wise and more convienient, nothing has lasted as long (15 yearS and going strong) as a cheap pair of dedicated work boots with hex head metal screws on the parameter of the sole. They get changed when needed for pennies compared to these cable strap ons which have much more limited life expectancy. In addition, they hold much better on your feet when pushing or carrying heavy objects, and they don 't catch or get hung up as they are a part of the boot. Long term cheapest and most effective traction aid I have ever used. Not good for dancing on wood floors !

PS, I even screw them into my snow blower tires and do no damage to the rubber.