How would wheel bearings feel if going bad? ***UPDATE***

Ok. Im thinking logical here. Im wondering if its best to kill 2 birds with one stone…what I mean is if I go ahead and have the CV axles replaced, should I go ahead and have the bearings replaced at the same time since the wheels and suspension will already be taken apart? Would it be more costly labor-wise? I definitely will have the axles replaced but I was thinking if it would be wise to do the bearings now than having to go through the suspension twice? What is involved in replacing the bearings and CV axles? Is there much difference in working on both? Thanks for your patience with me. Greatly appreciated.

I found a shop who will do the bearings and cv axles for 85 bucks per side for labor. I buy the parts and bring them in. I am scheduled to have that done tomorrow. I will post back with the results.

UPDATE: Success! Replaced CV axles and wheel bearings on both sides and it now rides smoothly as if it was brand new! Thanks everyone for their advice!!

Great!! Glad you got it repaired and thanks for the update.