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How to evaluate an oil filter cover?

I have leakage pooling in the cup space behind the filter housing. I suspected a leak from under the housing but now learn it is cast in the block, so no joint to leak.
That leaves the cap and gasket but to my observation there is nothing wrong with either the cap or the gasket. Is this something to be replaced blindly or is there something I should look for. I notice that my cap does not have a dedicated groove for the O-ring.
I have changed the oil + filter many times with no trouble. Now I have a leak. Anyone been through this?

I know next to nothing about Saturns but you might consider checking the edge of the cover to see if it has warped or distorted through years of on/off and heat/cooling cycles.

Place the edge of the cover against flat glass and see if you can insert a piece of thin paper underneath the edge anywhere. A feeler gauge is preferable but in the lack of paper may work.

Hopefully there is not a microscopic crack in the housing.

Duplicate post, best to keep everything under one thread