How long could one drive around with a failing clutch?

" How long can you drive a car with a failing clutch ? " Until the car will not move- question answered.


I helped my uncle haul some furniture yesterday. His old pickup has a failing clutch but it’s been failing for 2 years now. If you baby it…it will last a long time depending on the make and model. He has a V8 full size Chevy. When my clutch started failing on my 2001 V6 S-10…it was completely gone in a couple of days.

A friend brought me a Subaru Legacy wagon for a pre-purchase inspection. I found that the clutch was slipping by putting it in 5th and putting my right foot on both the brake and gas pedal. When I let the clutch out, it simply continued to run. I suggested that he take a pass on the purchase, but he negotiated a much lower price instead. He was still driving the the car with the same slipping clutch THREE YEARS later. I guess there is a lot to be said for babying a clutch.

I’ll never use a tree. Today’s plastic bumpers are way to fragile.

Quoting @towtone

"His MGB’s clutch cable broke somewhere in NC"

I know it’s an old memory, but ALL MGs have had hydraulic clutches since 1956. Perhaps his clutch’s master or slave cylinder failed.