How do I pass inspection in Texas with a check engine light (clearing codes)?

You have non Texas plates? Can’t you get new tabs online? Tell them to send the tabs to Texas address. Anyone you know at non-Texas address?

It’s not a hotline

It’s online

You guys can condemn me, if you want . . .

I’ve used it to report cars belching smoke

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[quote=“db4690, post:42, topic:184092”]
You guys can condemn me, if you want . . .

I’ve used it to report cars belching smoke

I tend to think there are a lot more pressing threats to society than the random guy in a POS truck with a worn out engine burning oil. People drive recklessly and that doesn’t appear to get reported online. But, ooh, yeah. That guy in the worn out Chevy is a menace that needs to be dealt with.


Those were YOUR words

I don’t feel someone driving a car belching smoke is a menace

But feel free to blow things out of proportion, if it makes you feel good :smirk:


Then why go to the trouble of reporting it?

Let me clarify my opinion.

If you call in and report some guy in a jacked up late model diesel powered 3/4 ton for “rolling coal”…meh, ok. I probably wouldn’t bother because I can’t see how emissions testing isn’t going to catch them at a later date anyway. But I don’t really find any fault with someone reporting it because it just annoys them or whatever.

If you call in and report some guy in an old worn out work truck (or Camry, or Buick, or whatever) that puffs a little smoke when he takes off from a stop, well that’s pretty lame. The guy may not be able to afford the repair or a newer vehicle, but he may still need to get to work. I certainly wouldn’t want to be a pawn to a nanny state and help take him off the road in the name of the almighty “environment”. But that’s just me.

And what about the “chemical coast” in North Jersey?

If you can’t see them, how would you be able to report it to a hotline?


IMHO the car owner’s goal is for their car engine to run as designed by the factory engineers, in part b/c it makes driving more economical, pleasurable, and safe, and in part b/c it keeps emission levels low. Most car owner’s actually want clean air to breath. Likewise car owner’s would prefer a emission testing process that makes that process as simple and clearly understandable as possible for them. With a state agency providing easily accessed technical help to guide the car owner through the process. Whatever help & support is necessary to get their car to run correctly, without a long list of bureaucratic hurdles. Convenient policies that accommodate the car owner in other words, such as allowing an automatic 3 month failed-test registration extension provided the first test is taken by the DMV’s deadline as stated in their notice. It’s in the car owner’s interest (notice I didn’t say anything about the interests of politicians and auto emission’s testing shops) that the car owner is free to drive their car to the testing station, auto repair shop, & parts store. Making that process difficult for the car owner trying to get their car running correctly isn’t in the interest of cleaner air.

You might ask why not just let the emissions testing businesses help the car owner. The reason is that the car owner has little to no leverage over these businesses. The businesses can easily obfuscate the situation to their advantage. On the other hand if the car owner is obtaining help from a state agency, and the agency uses this same tactic, the car owner can complain to the local politicians in charge of the agency, and if the politicians don’t help, the car owner can respond in kind at the next election.

Those emissions are far less than they used to be, but–just as we get Ohio’s pollution–most of NJ’s chemical stench wafts over to Staten Island.

Lol, they probably deserve it.

I never aid NYs DMV rules weren’t capricious.

You and @db4690 come at this issue from different points of view. He looks at it as a Los Angeles resident where air pollution is a very serious problem. You see it as a Mississippi resident where air pollution is much less an issue. Your argument ignores that important point.


That sounds like a personal attack

When you call someone “pretty lame” there’s no other way for me to interpret that

I thought we were better than that . . . ?!


It’s a comment on an action you took. We don’t all have to agree or support everyone’s actions, doesn’t mean we are “attacking” the person.

And it’s also an area where they probably have the most stringent inspections in the country. So…why do they even need a tattle site?

My point is, I don’t think many people (other than the “coal roller” crowd) drive a junker that belches smoke because they want to. It probably isn’t their first choice. Or are there lots of nice, late model cars running around that would be worthy of reporting to the hotline?

Opinions will vary

I have no real problem with you, even though I don’t particularly appreciate the way you responded earlier

I abide by the rules

And I expect other people to do the same

I fully expect to be reported, if I’m the one driving the car that is smoking

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I don’t have a problem with you either.

I never said you were anything. I said this:

[quote=“Scrapyard-John, post:45, topic:184092”]
If you call in and report some guy….
that’s pretty lame.

I’m sure I’ve done some things that you’d consider pretty lame. Some of which I’ll do again because we probably think differently about some things.

But I’m not applauding someone tattling on a hotline. I feel like the government has enough oversight without the population tattling on each other unless it’s a serious, eminent danger scenario.

Nor did I state I’m seeking applause

As you said, we clearly “think differently about some things.”

Just consider this . . .

as far as I can recall, I haven’t publicly stated YOUR actions are “lame” in the public forum, for all to see


The off-topic flags are getting thrown down by your colleagues. Regardless of intention, @db4690 felt attacked. @Scrapyard-John says he didn’t mean it that way. Looks like a draw. My reading of things is lined up with @jtsanders’ geographical perspective. The use of the word “lame” is inartful. If we swap out @Scrapyard-John’s “lame” for “likely punitive to groups of people who can’t fix up their trucks for many reasons and only benefiting state overreach I don’t want to enable” any personal attack aspect to his comment seems less plausible.


This message board is lame.

(One bad leg)