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How common are these Mustang issues?

Considering a 2013 Mustang V6 purchase, looks clean, low miles. Repair history investigation indicates the following:

  • Rear pinion seal leak repair @ 16k miles
  • Water pump leaking replaced @ 20K miles
  • Hood repaired due to bubbling paint @ 30K miles. (class action lawsuit against Ford for this)

How common are these issues for reoccurring?

Is the paint issue isolated to the hood or other areas of the car?

Thank you.

The pinion seal and water pump are not common problems.

The hood, is common but once fixed it should be OK. My 13 is just fine and it has never been repainted.

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It is an 8 year old car so something could break on your way home just like any other used vehicle. If you like it then buy it and hope for the best just like the rest of the people who buy used vehicles.

Thanks. Do you know if it was isolated only to the hood or other areas of the Mustang? I read it can takes some years for it to show up.

Some manufactures have had problems with the paint on aluminum body panels, primarily the hoods (Ford Explorer, Dodge Grand Caravan). The problem was with the paint preparation. Are there any other aluminum body panels on a Mustang?


I think it was only the hood. Mine is an ‘06 with the aluminum hood. Once repaired&repainted it has had no problems.


@Nevada_545 has it right… the problem was with the prep of the hood before paint. There are no other aluminum body panels on a 2013.

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Paint prep is almost always the reason paint doesn’t stick. The same is true for all other coatings.