Honda oil life indicator

There was an actual fix though, isn’t Honda recalling CRVs for that, cold states first?

Yes turbos are much harder on oil .

update on this thread.
the minder says it needs an oil change. 2400 miles.

Oil changes are also by time in months so that 2400 number is less important than the fact it may be 6 months since the last one.

The main culprit is the center main bearing in the turbo. On one side of that bearing is exhaust gasses under pressure transferring a lot of heat to the oil cooled bearing. That oil will get a lot hotter than the oil running through the rest of the engine. Heat is the enemy of oil. Heat causes the oil to break down and form sludge.

I don’t know about your older Honda’s but they may have also specified 5w30 where your new one specifies 0w20. I don’t know why that would make a difference though, especially when the 0w20 is a synthetic.

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Things have probably changed by now, but my daughters 06 CRV has different schedules to turn on the service light ranging from 60% to 100%. You might want to check your owners manual. It will tell you what to set it to based on your driving environment. Even if things have changed, looking to the owners manual is a first step for this kind of problem.

My 2005 Accord OLM was strictly a mileage reminder. It always started blinking at 7000 miles for a few seconds after startup and stayed on after 7500 miles. Your 2011 may have worked that way. My 2017 Accord shows % life remaining and I think it monitors the engine to determine life remaining. Yours probably does that too. If you drive mostly short trips in the 2019, it’s severe service, and should be changed soon. I’d follow the OLM anyway. I’ve done that with my cars since 1998 with no ill effects.