Honda Fit Suspension rocking front to back

P.S. Here’s the postscript on the psi; my tires are correctly inflated, give or take a half a pound. Thus, the problem cannot be corrected with tire pressure.

P.P.S. I’m not sure to whom Oldschool’s compliments are directed, but I enthusiastically support those enrolled in writing courses. What college or university do you attend?

I’m not sure if oldschool is complimenting me or if the compliment is intended for Whitey. If it was intended for me, thank you. If it was not–oh well.

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At this time I am a lowly Community College student,but I will be transfering to the University of Arizona,graduating is a dream of mine.

It was you VDC, I like your style,if it comes up that I "borrow’ from you it will be noted.Plagurism is a disgraceful act,not like drunk driving but not respectable. It will get you the boot.

Thank you, oldschool. Feel free to borrow.

Everyone has to have a goal!

As I used to tell my students, “Keep your eyes on the prize”.

Nothing lowly about community colleges! Congratulations on continuing to pursue higher education at University of Arizona -that’s really great!

The difference between the sport and the base model may have a great deal to do with it. Usually the sport model has lower profile tires. These provide less sidewall flex, therefore less cushioning. The wheel/tire combos are often heavier on the sport than on the base model, and this greater weight can’t be as well controlled by the suspension.

Could you try your sister’s wheels/tires on your car?

I have noticed, with the recent very cold weather, that the pavement on some streets has become much bumpier, even when there is no snow or ice on them. Seems a shame after all the money spent to resurface them but… The sidewalks outside my workplace have heaved enough to be noticeably irregular in height. Just last week the custodians emailed the staff to be careful of this new situation.

Is it possible the roads are in worse shape than when you did your test driving prior to buying your new car? Did you test drive on the same roads you now find so disconcertin?

FYI, the “sport” model has the same suspension as the standard model. It does have 16" wheels instead of 15"wheels though, which will have a slightly harsher ride.

Your suspension is currently ‘in tune’ with the road bumps, need to try something (within reason) to get it ‘out of tune’. Here’s one thing to try - put the front tires at the high end of their recommended pressure, and the rears at the low end. A more extreme (and uncertain) option is to try different tires.

I also have a 2009 Fit Sport, manual transmission car. On certain sections of freeway I have experienced a pretty significant rocking, as you describe. Fortunately for me, I have only seen this on certain sections of pavement, which I do not travel on very often. I believe what you are experiencing is characteristic of the car. Your sisters non-Sport model has different wheels and tires, if this is something you feel you have to reduce or eliminate, I’d suggest putting the wheels and tires from your sisters car onto your car and trying it out, if it is then OK you could buy what is on her car. BTW, my car has Dunlop tires, I understand some have Bridgestones, what is on your car?

I experienced the same problem – it’s normal. The Fit Sport has relatively low profile tiles (185/55R16). I drove on the same road in a friend’s 2010 VW GTI and experienced the same issue. My guess is that it’s a combination of the short wheelbase, low profile tires, and relatively stiff suspension setup.

We have an 09 Fit Sport. I love the car. It’s efficient, reliable, has great cargo space (just last week, I hauled a 75 hp outboard motor in it), and is fun to drive.

But the pitching back and forth you describe really is tedious. I typically notice it on portions of concrete freeway, where there are a lot of expansion joints. When I’m on blacktop, it’s not so bad. I don’t believe anything can solve this. As others have mentioned, it’s a combination of the short wheelbase, stiff springs, and the low profile tires.