Hit a Curb; Wheel wobbling now?!?!

However, it doesn’t matter what the people believe, as it’s left to the judgement of God, not people. All humans (people) are sinners. Therefore, they have no right to judge me and should not attempt to do so!

YES WE DO…If your RECKLESS behavior endangers other people then YES we have every right to judge and condemn your actions. Driving on bald tires is very very dangerous. You have a much higher probability of getting in a accident and killing someone or seriously injuring someone BESIDES YOURSELF.

is it just me, or has this new web site made it entirely too hard to have readable posts, and paragraphs?

I concur…

Google hypomania. It explains a lot going on here with the OP.

Hah. It does sound manic now that you mention it!

As for the paragraph breaks and the such, those who would have a problem with that typically have serious problems with their own grammar. So, they have no room to have an opinion on the matter, unless their paragraphs and grammar are perfect (where they’re definitely not).

Want to bet on that? I will guarantee you that the people who have problems with the readability of posts like yours are well-educated, intelligent people with a sound grasp of the English language. Take me, for instance. I’m a college-educated consulting engineer, and my work consists mainly of writing reports. In college I was a tutor at the Writing Center, and I had published work in both high school (poetry) and college (scientific papers). For someone who is so superior about her writing ability, you don’t seem to have a very good grasp of grammar yourself. Learn how to properly use commas and read over what you’ve written before you post. You sound like a kid with ADD.

It is irrational to believe that your poor choices (like driving on bald tires) are controlled by your god. You were endangering people’s lives! What if there had been a pedestrian on the grass you slid onto? You failed your responsibility to keep your vehicle in good working order. As for judgment, you cannot tell me that the police and courts don’t have the right to judge you. Next time you’re driving on bald tires and cause an accident, maybe you’ll get ticketed for improperly maintaining your vehicle.

Like I said earlier, you need a serious attitude adjustment. I wish I could be there when you get your comeuppance someday.

After all of the smoke clears here I still would be willing to bet the OP has suspension problems, both front and rear.
According to them, they “gunned it”, had “understeer due to excessive speed”, “slid while turning”, and put both passenger side wheels into the curb hard enough to bounce the car off the pavement and put the passenger side onto the shoulder.

Let us know how long the new tires last.

And just to clarify, the Bible does not tell us to do nothing (i.e. drive on bald tires and not replace them) and just trust that God will not allow bad things to happen (e.g. slide into a curb bending a wheel and almost having a serious collision). We have a responsibility on this earth to take of it and the things we own and to respect the safety of others.

It also tells us to submit to those in authority over us (e.g. government, police, the courts). I’m sick of the “no one has authority over me except God” BS that so many “Christians” churn out. That’s not what the Bible says.

My two cents.

Hahaha - there’s ok4450, always with the wise and poignant post in the midst of emotional, non-automotive related posts (mine included). We’re lucky to have ya!

It also tells us to submit to those in authority over us (e.g. government, police, the courts). I’m sick of the “no one has authority over me except God” BS that so many “Christians” churn out. That’s not what the Bible says.


Thank you hoffmalr.

I was going to point out to the OP that I am a professional writer (with an M.A.), but when dealing with someone who has apparently been cast in the mold of a Pat Robertson or a Jerry Falwell, as this person appears to be, reasoning is largely an exercise in futility.

The OP is clearly someone who cannot take criticism, even when it is constructive. We rendered assistance for which we were thanked, but when we offered valid suggestions for improving his future posts, we were rebuffed with insults and religious dogma.

I personally feel that, until you know me, don’t make judgements upon my character and who I am. I don’t personally believe you have an M.A. like you say! I’m not saying that you’re lieing, but I take anyones claims with a grain of salt. Now, I have to be up in 4 hours for work so, I’m not gonna waste my time on you egotistical enigmas. But, I suggest you retrace the entire post before you make claims that are surprisingly untrue. I’ll say this though that yes, I do have ADD. However, I’m no child. I’m also a man people. not a “she”, “her” or any other reference to a female.

I will pray for you.

Trulyrandommh, you forgot to capitalize the pronoun in your last sentence there that refers to the guy you’re in love with.

All I can say is, for the fact that this all began due to an update I posted in capital letters, I believe there are some pieces of your response that are also in all capital letters! Also, no, you do not have the right to judge me, even if I do commit different forms of “reckless behavior” that “endangers other people”. I would place my bets on you living in New Hampshire (due to the MikeInNH). That tells me that I am not putting you in danger so don’t worry about it! But, sometimes a tire shop will tell a little “white lie” by fudging the numbers on your tread depth. The tires are in okay shape, but I did replace two of them around 4 months ago (14,000 miles). So, they’re in good condition, but the other two are not in as good of condition as the new ones. If I kill someone, than I will have to suffer the consequences! Until then, back up off my back about it!

True. The Bible does not tell us to do nothing, rather, to work hard and to be a servant of the Lord. However, it also states that debts are sins! So, for me to purchase the tires immediately, I would most likely purchase them on a credit card! So, no go on that account! Also, it does mention living within our means (paraphrasing on all these quotes). It is not currently within my means, to be replacing every single aspect of the car, that has a problem! However, the car is very safe and I just had a complete inspection performed on the car, to make sure it was road worthy and safe to be on the road. That is when I was told about the tires and am now preparing to purchase the tires. I am currently in school and joining the Army! So, I don’t have a huge expendable income to waste on a car, with 109K miles on it! But, I do want the car to run as long as possible (which, with a Toyota engine is a LONG time) and I also, if it does rain or I am in a dangerous position to be driving that car, I have another vehicle I have access to, that is almost new (2007 Scion xB). So, you’re right in that it doesn’t say just to sit back, relax and let God do the work, in your life! It more so says that “Don’t wait and let something bite you in the a–”! And yes, I know I must submit to those in authority! But, tell me who in authority, is telling me to do this? I don’t believe that “nobody but God, is in control or has authority over me!”. But, I do cite here, that you put “Christians” in there. Yes, I am a born again Christian! But, those who say that may believe they are Christians, may very well be saved, but are just wrong about that! I know who is in authority of me and I do submit to them! I also, like everyone else, am not perfect and make mistakes all the time! But, I am forgiven of my mistakes and/or sins and I repent of them and try not to do the same thing again! Believe what you want, I’ll believe what I want! But, you have to make sure you’re looking at the true beliefs of a religion and not just what a few people say or state. The Bible is one work of art, that is true, that you can trust everything in! Now, this is becoming a biblical lesson and not a lesson for CarTalks message boards! Plus, I’m suppost to be working so, that’s what I’ll do! However, I have decided to forget these message boards because there are too many immature, liberal, ignorant, Godless individuals in here that are egotistical scum that I don’t need to talk to! So, won’t be seeing me here very much more! Peace-

Oh, waiter, check, please!

hold on a sec, i gotta go barf… ad nauseum

This horse is dead, let’s stop beating it. After reading I can see errors on both sides, lets drop it and talk about cars. OK?

Do you guys think I should buy a Jaguar XJ12 or a diesel Dodge dually pickup truck?

Why, yes, Ruben!