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How do you tell the difference between a Democrat and a Republican anyway?

From my point of view, we got in our current mess with the deficit because Republicans started acting like Democrats. They spent money like drunken sailors, on things like war and the Medicare prescription drug benefit. If the Republicans had behaved like true conservatives, they wouldn’t have passed a tax cut during a time of war (for the first time in American history). Meanwhile, Democrats are acting like Republicans, since Obama is willing to compromise on cutting Social Security and Medicare, he extended the Bush tax cuts for the rich, and has continuously cut taxes since becoming President.

So CSA is right. Compromise caused this problem because Republicans forgot they were supposed to be fiscally conservative, and they should pay for things as they go. Now, the deficit problem is getting worse because Democrats think they should behave like the Republicans who inherited a surplus and turned it into a growing deficit.

I think that sums it up very well, Whitey.

And, as to politicians in general, I am reminded of a quote from Harry Truman.

Good Old Harry said something along the lines of…I couldn’t decide whether to become a piano player in a whorehouse or a politician. Truthfully, there isn’t much of a difference between the two.
(This is a paraphrase–not an exact word-for-word quote, but it gives you the essence of his thoughts on the topic.)

“It’s No Time To Compromise”

It’s always time to compromise.
Life is always about compromises.
Refuse to compromise and you’ll find yourself all alone, or worse.

The conservative Compromise…

“To say NO on the stimulus package and then take as much money as possible for their districts at home and bragging to their constituents how great this money is for jobs and growth.”

We have a hill-holder for our legislature here in Indiana. The legislature has a March deadline to conclude its work. If the work isn’t done by the deadline, the official clock is unplugged and the work continues. Unplugging the clock is the Hoosier Hill-holder.

If I drove a car with manual transmission, I would appreciate a hill holder However I never buy a manual and the automatics I have had held pretty good on a hill.
I think the hand brake is a “Park Brake”.
OK go ahead and give me Hell!!