Help: Gear shifting at high RPM

Has to be. There is ZERO reason he can’t say what vehicle it is. That’s childish.


4K rpm in the parking lot does not sound right. It’s under warranty right? I’d try another dealer. I don’t have anything else to add, really. You’d think the check engine light would be on if it were a speed sensor or something like that.

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He’s not a troll. I don’t claim to understand why @rmv2938_177224 can’t reveal the make and model. If you’re unable to offer any feedback without the info, I think it best to just move on. Running him off the website because he has his reasons and you don’t like the response is rude and unproductive. He’s been asked (or it’s been demanded) to supply the make/model and he hasn’t found your reasons persuasive, so yelling at him isn’t helping.


OP says car revs to 4K in some situations. He will not answer what rpm motor is at 60mph. Simple question. I don’t really care about 70mph or 80mph. 60mph and rpm will say a lot.

Agree like you I don’t understand why @rmv2938_177224 wants to keep it a mystery but all anyone is able to do is give guesses to what the problem is without more information than 2rmv2933_17724 is willing to give it might be time to close this thread and move on.

Those who want to know the make/model always give the same reply for every vehicle; complain to the manager, complain to the manufacture, drive a different car and see if it drives the same, hire a lawyer. Doesn’t seem to matter which car is involved.

The OP provided enough information for me to find the service bulletin referenced in 30 seconds.

Consider it closed, you don’t have to open this tread or insult the OP.


Thank you!

Oh, I am sorry. I did not see your post asking me about it. I did not check rpm while I was constantly driving at 60mph. However, I think that the rpm went much higher than 4000 to reach about 60mph while merging and it took longer to reach that speed compared to other cars, including same model/different year/diesel. A dealer has my car so I cannot check it now.

I think that I should have checked what rpm it was while driving at 25-40mph because it was still a bit noisy and the accelerator pedal felt bad. I don’t know how to explain but maybe it is more like I was driving a very old car that was not managed well with bad gasoline so I did not want to press the accelerator.

I also still own a 2005 acura and I still do not feel any problem like that with this car. I understand that it may not be fair to compare it with 2005 acura because it is an excellent car, tho.

May I ask why you were asking what rpm at 60 is?

Thank you! I am sorry that you had to take your time to find it.

I was thinking about explaining my reasons but I could not.

These are some of the reasons. First, I thought that I may have to ask you guys about what happened with the manufacturer/dealers at a certain point because I don’t understand. However, I did not want to startle or influence other owners until I am confident that there are real problems. It seems that I should talk about what happened at this point so I may do it soon. Second, there are a variety of users here and I do not want someone to misunderstand my purpose, which I already experienced. For me, I think that I am not a troll especially because I did not reveal the make. I decided not to reveal for now. I also do not want to be stressful and just stay on topic only because I am sick. My current situation with the car is stressful enough for me already. I wanted to focus on the issue itself, not the manufacturer/dealers. Second, I wanted to focus on my initial topic, even if I would get limited answers now: Whether my car is a lemon or not. Third, I heard that certain manufacturers do too much online marketing/monitoring so I wanted to avoid that as long as I can. I have also been advised that my lawyer may not like it, if I talk too much online, if I ever have to hire one.

Even if some of you neither understand nor agree, I ask you to be respectful or skip this thread if you can’t be respectful. I am purposely not explaining in detail because I do not want anything unnecessary, again, to focus on my topic only. Some may not understand but some may still do.

I appreciate those who still tried to help me with limited resources.

Driving at 60mph is a common speed that most people use and almost all cars rpm will be in the 1700-2000 range. I ask as a reference to determine if your trans is operating properly. Driving at 60mph on highway is very easy and considered a light load.
Even a lowly utility suv will go 0-60mph in 10 sec. maybe 12.
A performance car might do it in 6 sec.

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The problem is he’s here asking for an answer and it’s difficult to give an informed answer without knowing the make/model. I think it’s extremely childish to play this game. I have several ideas as to what the problem could be…but I’m not going to say any because it would be a wild guess without knowing the make/model.

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And who gave you that legal advice ? Maybe you have already put too much online here and elsewhere . It just seems that if someone wants real help they do not make it difficult for people to help by with holding simple facts like what this mystery vehicle is .

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WHAT? That’s absurd. This is a troll.

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I think also a few screws loose.

More then a few. Companies do track your google searches so they can place detailed ads on certain websites. But all you have to do is delete the browser cookies. Simple - problem fixed.

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I get that, and I think to say what you just said is enough. Like I said, I don’t know why there’s so much sensitivity toward the car manufacturer, but to say anything you offer is just a wild guess without info seems like sufficient caution to the user who is seeking free advice.

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The OP is likely over cautious, but that’s up to him. He understands how that is limiting our advice, I bet.


most people want the best advice possible. why would you come and ask a question and be limited on the the answers you will get. its like going to the Dr. and saying your in pain, but I am not telling you where it is. what is wrong with me doc?


Reducing the universe of problematic cars is part of problem solving. If we reduce the universe to all Toyotas and then further reduce it to all Corollas, and finally to the 2016 model year, finding an answer is much easier. This issue may have been seen by others, and that makes it even quicker. The OP doesn’t seem to understand that, or doesn’t care if he does understand it. I can’t imagine why I would want to help someone that doesn’t trust us enough to mention simple information like make, model, and model year. Engine size and type, along with transmission, makes it even easier for us to help.