Help: Gear shifting at high RPM

@rmv2938_177224 How do you expect anyone to say if that is a correct statement if you will not tell us what this mystery vehicle is and what model ?

For crying out loud why flag this . Decent answers to this person might depend on what this vehicle is and maybe someone here is famiular with it.


I suspect you never looked at the tachometer while getting on the interstate, your Rav4 would take a long time to reach 65 MPH at such low engine speeds and if it is up hill you will likely see more than 4000 RPMs.

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will go 75 tomorrow and send a pic.

Post a video of the vehicles acceleration to highway speed, shifting, not cruising.

Sounds like too much fun, will do 0 to 75 in whatever! Rav4 first, boy this could become a really fun thread! if it were not for the dust spots on my touch screen that blow everything away when I try to wipe them off, 14" touchscreen chromebook, got an ad yesterday windows has determined your system is compromised, take immediate action or whatsoever, It is a chromebook for gods sake, do your worst!!!

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Everything that you stated is true, but until the OP decides to reveal the make and model of his/her mystery vehicle, none of us have any clue regarding the type of transmission that it has.

Asking for help with a car–but refusing to reveal the make and model–is the automotive equivalent of telling a doctor that you have a pain, but refusing to reveal which body part is aching. In both cases, nobody can provide any help.


You must old fart drive better than I old fart drive then. Mine revs higher than that without turning off the eco light.

Just accelerating from my development onto the adjacent 40 mph county road puts my tach at ~2,200 RPMs. When I am accelerating onto an interstate, I typically take it up to 4k-4.5k… just for fun.

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This car has a 6-speed automatic transmission. Neither CVT nor DCT.

However, thanks to you, George_San_Jose1, found a TSB that I was not aware. I searched NHTSA before but for some reason I did not see this particular TSB for unstable engine RPM and reduced engine power or abnormal noise from the intake manifold whenever engine RPM is raised from idle speed, which I experienced. It sounds like it can be repaired so I don’t understand why they deny or pretend as if they are not aware of the problems or refuse to repair or still do not repair and let me go through Lemon law process…

This car is a ______________________ , fill in the blank . You will not get in trouble for that.

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My guess: Hyundai/Kia with 2.0 or 2.4 NA 4 cylinder engine.

If the Variable charge motion controller were broke, the check engine light should be illuminated and you would experience a reduced engine speed/reduced power. Your previous replies state that the engine revs too high. I think you misunderstood the service bulletin.

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Huh? That makes no sense. If you don’t want to give the make and model then find another forum to troll.

What rule did this post violate?


FWIW I have driven quite a few automobiles of various levels of performance and it’s just all too obvious that those with relatively small high performance engines require pushing the RPMs up near the red line to accelerate into moving traffic, etc. And I recall that old MGs cruising at 60mph were registering 4000 RPM and were registering at the red line at 90 mph.

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Can’t video and drive safely, seems gear change is between 32 to 3600 rpm to get up to merging speed.

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Thank you, guys. FYI, the mechanic test drove my car in their parking lot and the gear changed at 4000 rpm there, not highway. I think he meant that the rpm had to go up to 4000 from first gear to second gear. RPM had to go up much higher to merge in the highway and it also took unusual time. I cannot test that car any more because they have it.

The check engine light was not on. I was wondering about that.

I thought that maybe there was also abnormal noise from the manifold, not just engine revving up too high to match actual speed of the car. How is the abnormal manifold sound like? Because my car was slow and it took longer to reach certain speed, I thought that it was due to reduced engine speed/reduced power. Are you saying that engine cannot rev up, if engine speed/power are reduced?

Well, if trans stays in 1st gear I suppose you might hit 4K rpm at 33mph. I discourage going 33mph in a parking lot.

Until you tell what this vehicle is most people here are just going to ignore you because there is not a point of reference to the vehicles performance that someone might know about.


I am startng to think TROLL.