Help: Gear shifting at high RPM

2021 SUV, 2.4L, Less than 1000 miles.

Hello, this is a new car that I just purchased a few weeks ago. It was dangerous to drive because it could not follow traffic flow in certain situations like entering a highway. A mechanic from a manufacturer’s dealer stated that the gear shifts at 4000 rpm so this will damage motor but it cannot be repaired because this car was manufactured this way.

May I confirm whether his statement is true and this car is a lemon? I appreciate your help in advance.

Make? Model?

That is complete nonsense . All you have said is that it is a 2021 . A 2021 what ? Has anyone else driven this vehicle and had the same problem ?

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There is no harm in up-shifting at 4000 RPMs unless it is a diesel engine. I shift at 5000 RPMs and have had no problems during the last 20 years, small engines need rev higher to produce sufficient power.

Do you have a friend that knows cars? Take them on a drive, show them what’s going on, get their opinion.

Gear shifting at higher RPMs does prevent engine damage. If the transmission is programmed to upshift at 4000 RPM, then it is not a lemon. Also, do you floor the accelerator when you merge into highway traffic? If not, that will extend the range of the lower gear you want to maintain.

Take it to a different dealership. I think this is nonsense unless you have it in sport mode.
What does your owners manual say about transmission?

I have never driven an automatic car even aggressively that stays in 4K rpm range during acceleration. Is this a 99 Isuzu trooper?

OP says it is a 2012, 2.4L, SUV, no make or model specified, with less than 1,000 miles. Owned only a few weeks.

OP, get that statement from the dealership that the shift point can not be addressed in writing.

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2021 is what I read, 4k rpm sounds really high to me, I do not believe my cars ever have gone past 2400 rpm with normal old fart driving

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I’m guessing that’s a typo. OP specifies 2021 in top post.

As far as OP’s problem goes, I don’t think an automatic transmission shifting at 4000 rpm poses any problem. If it’s dangerous to drive, that’s certainly a concern. Perhaps OP can clarify what they mean. Describe a situation for example the vehicle is unable to follow traffic flow.

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Yes, It is 2021, I failed to proof read my reply.

Ha, I like that. Old fart driving. My friend drove a 99 mercury mystique with a trailer 1000 miles at 3800 rpm. Never blew.

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Please excuse that I cannot mention the make and the model. This car has automatic gear. Engine was revving up too high to match actual speed of the car. When the mechanic test drove my car, it went to the next gear at 4000 RPM. I have driven cars for 30 yrs and also driven 3 same models/different years and many other cars without a problem like this. Others experienced the same problem. Another mechanic who is specialized in transmission (not their dealer) said that he would return this car if it were his. However, the manufacturer is delaying to resolve this issue without testing the car for weeks. They have my car and I have not been able to drive it for weeks. I have been advised to file a Lemon law claim so I wanted to make sure that I really have a case.

why not?..

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You can say what this vehicle is and the model . As long as you don’t name the dealer or put your real name here no problem. How do you think the Carcomplaints site works ? You have to give the make and model to post a complaint . As for having a case no one here can do that. Check your state Lemon Law becuase most states allow the dealer a certain number of times to solve the problem.

Automatic transmission have changed a lot, especially in the past 10 years. 3 or 4 speed automatic transmissions used to be common, but now they tend to have 7 speeds at least, some even more. This is done mostly to improve emissions and mpg. A side effect of this transmission design change is there are more frequent gear changes, and at speeds where a gear change didn’t used to occur.

Another possibility is your vehicle has a CVT transmission. These tend to cause the engine to make a rev’ing sound. That’s normal. A friend of mine who had recently purchased a new car w/CVT complained it sounded too much like a race car. But that’s just how CVT equipped vehicles sound.

Another idea, known vehicle problems can be associated w/ a manufacturer’s technical service bulletin. (TSB). TSB’s can take the form of a product recall, customer interest bulletin, or a technical description geared to mechanics who do the diagnosis & repair work. Ask your shop if there’s any TSB’s associated w/this problem.

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Even cruising at 80, cars may be 2200 rpm.

With more gears in the trans, you’d think you’d normally see lower rpm’s than higher rpm’s. I have noticed, driven non aggressively, 6 and 8 speeds seem to shift to the next gear sooner and at a lower rpm than I’m accustomed to with a 4 speed auto. Especially 1st to 2nd. You may be on to something with the CVT.

I think OP’s concern is one of those things you’d have to experience first hand. If it’s hitting 4K rpm between shifts in a parking lot, something isn’t right. If it hits 4K rpm merging into traffic that’s going 80 mph…with a naturally aspirated 4 cylinder…I could definitely see that as being normal…

As far as 4K rpm damaging a modern engine, it won’t. Maybe if it stayed at 4K for hours on end, but not between shifts when accelerating.

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Ok, it might shift at 4K rpm during acceleration. What rpm is motor at 60mph cruizing?