Heart of Route 66 Museum

While I was close I stopped at the Route 66 car museum in Sapulpa , OK ( about 15 miles west of Tulsa , OK ) . Entry fee was 5.50 and was a bargain. Not a large collection but very nice with lots automotive items you might not see all that often.

All these years I’ve lived in OK and never even knew there was a car museum in Sapulpa; and even after being in and through Sapulpa and Tulsa countless times.

For those on a car museum tour, there’s the Darryl Starbird museum in Afton, OK which is east/northeat of Tulsa.

Here in NW OK there is the Brent Hajek museum in Ames, OK which is about 20 miles southwest of Enid, OK. This place is stunning for being located in such a small farm town and cosists of high performance race cars from back in the day. Many of them are one-offs.
It’s located inside the old school buidling and they used a dozer to pile dirt against the west and south sides as a means of at least damping any tornado effects.