Have our lost our ability to stand up for our warranty rights?


Ricky, please lay off the all-caps. It’s hard to read.

The overwhelming number of warranty problems are resolved without problem or customer cost.
Occasionally there’s an unusual situation or a bad dealership, but by and large I don’t think most dealers are trying to cheat on the warrantees or that most of the customers are too weak to stand up for themselves.


Well, what people really want is facts. Could you agree with that? Good, now why don’t you first visit your eye doctor and just get him to sign and agree that it does hurt your eyes, or can be misleading or confusing when using all caps.

And while your at it, get some info from J.D. Powers on recalls, or some expert that’s recognized. Or better yet, go to carcomplains.com This gives you just about all the case history listed by the NHTSA.

But just don’t come out and accuse people with a lame opinion. If my kids ever talked like that, honestly, I’d have to say I’d be ashamed. We live in a world where info technology is at an amazing hight.


Wow. Nice reply (not).


Acura replaced my rear shocks this morning. A $700 job, no charge. They were even nice about it.


And one of the places you recommend for “facts” is J.D. Powers? Home of the finest awards/opinions money can by. Peddle your garbage elsewhere please.