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Going too far with tire size

People with more dollars than sense.

I saw a similarly slammed vehicle today. It was a VW pickup, complete with an exhaust stack through the bed.

Several years ago, I heard the term “tucked” being used to describe such vehicles, which were slammed on fat rims and tires, AND the top of the tire was not visible. Not even a little bit

Re. the video ok4550 posted:
I see some of the cars have a prominent winching loop, convenient for when the dreadful thing loses control and goes in a ditch.
Some of the tires still have their info labels on the tread. I guess tire life is so short why bother peeling them off every 2 weeks.

I noticed by the license plates these were in an Asian country. Apparently wherever they are there are no safety inspections. :smiley:

But I just don’t understand why anybody would do that. In any country. I also don’t understand how some of these tires are staying on the rims and holding air. I guess I must be just a boring old fart!

There’s some guy running around here with an older 4 door Accord and he has 4 temporary tires mounted backwards on it which makes them horribly reversed and even more dangerous.

Maybe the worst of the lot…and trophy worthy apparently.


The guy is rolling on 4 donut spares, mounted backwards . . . ?!

what a loser :cold_sweat:

That car in your youtube video . . . it should be forced to enter a smashwood derby. That way, it’ll be put out of its misery

or get sandwiched between 2 semis . . . but with nobody in the car. Wouldn’t want anybody to get hurt


Oh man, I just can’t grasp how those tires work this late. How could they be fastened unless the axle was bent? Maybe some small tires underneath or something. I dunno. I’m not gonna think about, just run if I see it on the road.

I’d have to think regarding the car in the video that all suspension has been removed and they have some kind of cobbled together straight axle welded up with spindles anchored in place.

I also wonder if there are handprints in the steering wheel from trying to control that thing. I’d have to think the car has a tendency to wallow horrible. At the start of the video as the car approaches it looks like it darts suddenly so I wonder if darting is the norm?

Re. that last video:
I remember seeing a video of a car with that extreme had a hidden second set of small “straight” wheels inboard that carried most of the vehicle weight.

Can anybody here figure out what country these videos were taken in?
Not that the kids here don’t do dumb things too (I see them often), but this seems to be a fad somewhere and I’m curious.

Looking like a fool with your frame on the ground, frame on the ground, frame on the ground…