Gas Additive Question


That’s not too upsetting to me, but what really frosts me (sorry) is how these clowns on TV have basically replaced actual ambient temperature with wind chill temperature I watch the news and to show the cold across the country they put only wind chill temps on the map and call it the wind chill feels like temperature! They are helping to dumb down an already dumbing nation.

It would be a “feels like temperature” for anybody stripping down stark naked and going outside, providing they can find a spot not sheltered from any wind as measured at an airport or some darn place. And then they use peak gusts!! Makes for impressive Fake news. Give me a break. And if there’s a wind chill temperature, why isn’t there a sunshine feels like temperature?

Give me the temperature and the wind forecast and I’ll be just smart enough to figure out if I should go outside stripped naked or with clothes, a jacket, gloves, hat, etcetera, and I’ve always instinctively sheltered my face from a wind blast. Wind chill instead of temperature…

Unbelievable! Stupid. Give me a break.


That would be the ‘heat index’…


I understood heat index to be a function of temperature and relative humidity. And that’s another thing…

I think that wind chill temperature doesn’t consider humidity.


You’re right on both counts. Wind chill is an indicator how much quicker something would cool off, as a function of temp and wind speed. At those temps humidity doesn’t really matter.


Yeah that’s the thing. Man when I’ve been to Florida and its hot and the wind is blowing, its like being in an oven. I’d call it the oven index. A trick though in Florida is to wrap a wet towel around your neck to cool off. If you did that in Minnesota though you’d literally freeze your head off. :grin:


Seems the Orlando stations call it the misery index.
All fun and games for us down here to gloat about our warm weather now, but then comes July and August. We are staying indoors avoiding the 95 degree/95% humidity while our friends up in Brainerd are enjoying 78 degrees down by the lake, you betcha.


Some people don’t like heat. The thing is that I don’t feel normal until I work up a huge sweat at least once or twice a day (even when I was in the frozen north). I love it (just like Tiger Woods). Typical morning today, I worked out with weights and ceiling fan on high, ate breakfast and then rode 18.5 miles on the bike, 72 degrees, sweating profusely. Felt terrific. Water is necessary here. Don’t leave home without it.

I flew down there in August and stayed a while to check on the condo. Battery in van was dead. I debated what to do and it was old enough that I decided not to call AAA or try and charge it. I took out the battery, put it on a hand truck ( available to our building residents) and walked right across the golf course and up the road a bit to a local Wal-Mart, and wheeled that baby right to the automotive desk

Guy helped me bungee new battery to the hand truck and back I went. “Mind if I play through?” Took water with me and drank all of it. Hot? Sweating? No big deal. It’s good for you!

Also, while I was there in August I rode a 34 mile bike ride up the keys and islands. Hot? You bet… so… I wore my water on my back (son gave me a “Camel Back”) and I drank on the fly. It holds 1.5L and I had to refill about half way at Harry’s Convenience store on Long Boat Key. Felt awesome. People are supposed to sweat, right? It flushes everything out, like a radiator flush.

Kinda gross, but when I got back and removed my sweat soaked Nike dri-fit shirt and shorts (that ordinarily weigh like a few ounces) they were very heavy. I laughed and told my wife and picked them up with a stick so my wife cold hold the stick and feel their weight without actually touching the garments, ha, ha.

I get extremely hot as a hobby. August weather was just about right for me. I was meant for this, not the frozen north. We will end up here permanently in the not too distant future. My wife agrees (That’s half the battle… the better half). Besides, we have an ocean and 2 pools we can use.


You coulda roped that hand cart to your bike though. Course then you would have had to take the long way around. Supposed to get to plus 37 tomorrow so that’s a 66 degree swing in two days. Dang Canadians-shut the door.


All I ever do is use a trickle charger on the 2 vehicles’ batteries below zero F., to be sure of a start. Regular preventative maintenance. Sometimes we use only one vehicle for awhile and not the other, sometimes neither and stay in—lots of books, DVDs, and internet. Need exercise? Shovel snow! Maine…love it.


Wasn’t this what they did in “Fear and Loathing”? lol


Yes but if temperatures are going to get even hotter here, I think I’ll be migrating north. lol


Wow, that’s mighty cold. It hardly ever got to extreme cold temperature like that when I lived in the ski resort town of Steamboat Spring Colorado. I guess the weather patterns are different. Around zero degrees, maybe -10 degrees is about as cold as it would get for the most part in the winter. Right now (9:30 pm mountain stardard time) it is 34 degrees there. Rarely it would go to -15 degrees. That’s why I never seemed to have battled car problems due to it being overly cold.