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Flashing SEL on 1999 Nissan Maxima

I’ve owned a 1999 Nissan Maxima for about six months. About two months ago, the check engine light came on. The codes came out to camshaft sensor, which was subsequently replaced. (The alternator actually turned out to be faulty around the same time and has been replaced, I don’t know if this is relevant.) Now, the car runs well, except for a shaking during acceleration which is hardly noticable, but the SEL is still on. The car is a stick shift, and once the RPMs go over 2500/min, the SEL starts flashing. Basically, I can’t push the engine when accelerating and I can’t drive over 65-70 miles per hour without the light flashing. What could be the issue? Is the flashing light an urgent issue? Is the car drivable temporarily (read: until next paycheck)if I don’t exceed what appear to be its limits?


The flashing CEL is a far more issue than one that stays lit. I would recommend towing it to a reputable mechanic and get it checked out ASAP. Drive only if you can get there without it flashing. Let the mechanic’s diagnosis guide your next step. I would not wait to get this done.