First mod for 2018 Civic?

The car is almost 3 years old now and the powertrain warranty is good for only 5 years/60k miles.
Javi, to get any real gains out of that Civic you’re going to be spending quite a bit of cash, especially if you can’t install the stuff yourself.

If you had a turbo Civic then you could get some decent gains out it with relatively minor modifcations ( intake/exhaust/tune), with the 2.0L N/A engine the same modifications won’t yield nearly the same gains in power.

Probably more so. The tires are the only things holding you to the road, and the brakes are rather important as well. Don’t skimp on either.

If you live where snow and ice happen a lot, a set of steel wheels with winter tires will provide definite performance gains in traction, steering control, and braking. Best mod I ever made on my 1999 Civic!