Fastest Cars under 10k. Lexus IS 350 vs other contenders

. It’s what car costs. You pay XX and sell it for XX. What did it cost. Well, if it blows up I guess it’s not worth much.

If you’re lucky you might find a Scion FR-S in that price range. 0-60 “only” in the 6-8 second range but pretty much a little hotrod. Available as a 2013-2016 model. Figure on getting an older model.

Oh, here’s one to keep an eye out for, if you can find one. Some of 'em should be in your price range. Hyundai’s Genesis Coupe. The 2.0T R-spec or the V6 versions are an absolute blast to drive.

Back when they came out I seriously considered trading my Acura in for one. I spent the whole test drive muttering “This is a Hyundai!?” It was that good.

Here’s another ‘overpowered’ vehicle, or ‘underpowered driver’ (nobody was hurt, luckily):

As long as OP stays away from Cars and Coffee, he’ll be fine. :smiley:

“…we also had a semi restored MGBGT…”

Interesting. One of the vehicular mind games I like to play is updating cars with new drive trains, and one of my favorites is updating an MGB with the Focus RS turbo 4 (350 hp., 350 ft. lb.)
Now THAT would be an entertaining drive! Considering how much is spent on some of the resto-mods I see at the Mecum Auctions, for enough money I’m confident that a place like Kin-dig-it Design could find a way to make it work.

The riddler award winning street rod Ferrambo was done by Diver’s street rods here in Washington state, Ferrari 360 drivetrain into the back of a 60’s Rambler wagon. Interior looks like it could have been done by Ferrari. On Permanent exhibit at the Lemay Museum in Tacoma b7ab1795-ferrambo-15

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Talk about the ultimate Q-ship…

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Where are you going to drive it? Track or street racing? The freeways here are gridlock. The street limits are 35 and 25, reinforced with speed bumps and deep potholes. Even being careful about those, I just had to have a bent strut replaced. At the traffic light, you have to slowly count to 5 before entering the intersection, or you will be hamboned by the red light runners.

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