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Failed smog - High HC, High NO

Using a short length of 1/8 inch braided cable mounted in a drill, I managed to open the EGR passage to one of the openings in the intake manifold just below the carb. Compressed air blown into the EGR port blows out the rear opening just below the carb. Tomorrow I will open up the other passage, and try to get as much gunk out of each as possible. And then, when the mood strikes me, with my unclogged EGR ports, and my shiny new coolant system, I will go pass smog with my stretched timing chain. Thanks to all!

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Tx for welcome back! Covid related computer tech difficulties , only have phone access …awkward to do…shall try to check in time to time…bye…hope jack s egr port cleaning does trick


Thank you very much, George. I remember you from times past when you replied to my requests for help. As I just posted, I managed to open one EGR to intake passage and will open the other tomorrow. Your suggestion was truly the answer to my prayers! :smiley:


You’re the one who adamantly shot down the initial suggestion as something you had already checked and dismissed. People trusted your assessment and went on to the next likely suspect. Don’t act like a jerk now that it’s back to something you said it couldn’t be…


I stand as accused… and proud of it!

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We missed you. You ok?

Yeah, totally ok, just some internet tech difficulties. Tx 4 concern. Hope all regulars here also rolling w the pu nches and doing ok. Took me 45 minutes to figure out how to type an underscore character…

Lol, welcome back!!

No one suggested it until George showed up.

I asked if the EGR valve was operating and you stated that it was thoroughly tested for operation. Applying vacuum to the EGR valve to prove operation is a primary test. After that the the discussion took a left turn into stretched timing chains (not worn timing chains?)

Ahem . . .

recheck your messages . . . hint, hint


5 days before George mentioned it

Because in your first post you knew best and proclaimed the following:

How are we supposed to know you actually didn’t know as much as you implied you did? At least until it circled back to what should have been reasonably obvious to someone that was capable of being “absolutely certain”…

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Here’s what I wrote: “The EGR valve is not clogged, neither are the passages to the intake manifold and the exhaust manifold, if I can believe the wire that I poked into both ports, which extended to under the carb, and 6 inches or more into the exhaust manifold.”

Well, as it turned out, I couldn’t believe the wire that I poked into the intake manifold. It’s not like I was trying to deceive anyone.