Extended warranty on brand new car

Lets see, Auto insurance $6oo per year, last 6 years, no claim. Homeowners, 250 per year, no claims, Auto warranty $125 per year, 6 years, new fuel pump $250, maf sensor $180, and knowing the way my wife drives no trans problems, seems reasonable to me. Estimate is high, our cost was $975 for the extended warranty.

It amazes me that people will haggle to get the last $50 out of a car deal, sometimes buying from a dealer twice as far from their house to get it and then hand over $1800 for something worth less that half of that.

Tell your mom to do this:
Drive the car back to the dealership, slam the keys on their desk, look the salesman in the eye, and tell them she doesn’t want the car. When they ask why, tell them it’s because a new HONDA “needs” an extended warranty. Tell them you’re gonna go look at a car that doesn’t require one, like a Hyundai or a Ford. Watch the salesman flop around like a fish outta water.

And if you really do do this, please, by all means, get it on video or take a picture of the salesman’s face when she says that and post it up here.

It’s OK if the extended warranty helps you feel more secure. For most people, it is not worth it, but sometimes that’s not the issue. You looked closely and found it’s right for you.

I’ve had 11 new cars. One may have benefited from an extended warranty, and the other had one as an inducement to buy an Olds after GM announced the end of the marque. The transmission malfunctioned at 56,000 miles and was replaced at no cost to us. Yes, extended warranties do work to some folks advantage, but a lot less than half of those who buy them.