I dunno, if you are a clerk in a store, I think it is best to just stick to the question at hand. Otherwise, what credentials does the guy have anyway outside of selling auto parts? Actually, I had to drive home in the rain without wipers once and I found the wind almost just as effective as wipers in clearing the windshield at highway speeds. I was somewhat surprised.

Rain-X, Without Wipers, At Speed In Rain Works Quite Well If It Applied Properly.


what’s wrong with saying " I’m sorry, but I have no personal experience for your question, but I will be happy to consult with my fellow employees and see if they have any knowledge that they would like to share". If they don’t, so be it! When did it become necessary that we be experts on everything? I would rather state my ignorance on an issue than say something just to say it.

“Young Chickie” is a usage among a certain generation of men, from a certain part of the country. Like many other local customs, it may seem strange to people of another generation or from another part of the country.

Yes, she was serious about driving 80 or 90 in the rain. I have known women like that, and that is part of the reason I moved to Mexico. To explain is off-topic on Car Talk.

Just want to say that “young chickie” is not a normal term I use. It was just a very terse form of identifying said client. I’m sure you didn’t want me to go on about how she was wearing flip flops, sweat shorts, and halter while it was 40 degrees out, while having a death grip on her smashed screen iphone encrusted in a jewel bedecked Otter box…

i’m a blunt, kinda bossy self-righteous person so i’d totally have given her the lecture and told her that no car will move any wiper blade fast enough to keep up visibility at that kind of speed. i’d probably have used the words, “you’re a menace,” at some point in the conversation.

well, the ethical thing to do, if she is driving 90 in the rain, is to sell her the best tires in stock to go with the expensive wipers

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If it had been me, I would have probably said something in a polite way about no wiper made will stay on the glass at high speed in a rainstorm as a car should not be driven in that manner.
If she got offended then so be it.

If it hasn’t happened already, there’s a good chance that young lady is going to make the evening news at some point as a traffic statistic.

At least She wasnt at large,in Her pjs or night gown,I would have maybe thought airhead.