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Emission Light 2011 BMW 535i

I reviewed the warranties from the books. There are Federal and CA time and mileage intervals along with an extensive list of covered parts, performance and essential, for emission related parts. Tester is on track. There are CA specific qualifications listed as well. The emissions topic is a serious matter.

There are federally mandated warrantees that all manufacturers have to honor. You can consider these minimums because a manufacturer can extend these warrantees. If BMW offers a 4 year,50,000 mile bumper to bumper warrantee, you can assume that the Federally mandated 2 year warrantee is extended, unless they exclude it in the fine print.

Busted Knuckles was correct about topping off the gas tank. Often the first time you get a light, if you stop this practice, the light will go out and never return. You may not need any parts this time. How sensitive a vehicle is to this condition depends on a number of design issues. I would not call these design flaws because there are warnings on every gas pump and probably warnings somewhere in your owners manual against overfilling.

A replacement of the gas ventilation shut off valve, which activated the engine light, was replaced by the dealer. No engine light since the ‘repair’.

Thanks again for reviewing how to properly fill the gas tank.