Drove a 2017 Vette over the weekend

We can debate the front vs mid engine thing forever and we can debate performance times, but the original post from Mike didn’t really ask for our opinions. He looking at a retirement toy, not a race car. I think he’s right. It’s an exciting, fast and very special car, and by 2017 they had that design worked out very well. Sure there are issues that will come up, but he’s well informed about cars already.

Don’t wait too long to do things that you can do now. Are you waiting to get younger?


Based on my observations of Corvette drivers in my neck of the woods, the demographic does appear to be “old white guys”. And, they always seem to be driving their Vettes so sedately that they may never get out of 4th gear.

Mike could make an awsome deal on a 2019 C7 by that time! Heck C7s are going pretty cheap right now.

And the ‘retirement toy’ thing is one reason they went to mid-engined. They want to appeal to younger drivers, and to those looking for the next new thing, not the best version of the thing that’s been around for years.

I tested a C6 at a Chevy ‘driving experience’, they put us on a real tight parking lot course, I took out a few cones… Way faster than I could deal with on that course. I had a better time with the Cobalt SS I tried.


I don’t think of a Corvette as a gymkhana racing car. The Cobalt SS is more that type of car, or even better, a Mazda Miata. IMO, the Corvette is a GT car. I’d rather cruise for several hours in a Corvette than the Cobalt or Miata though.

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That’s ME.

That’s NOT me.

That’s the reason my friend bought the C7. Prices for the C7 have dropped because people want the C8. I haven’t looked at prices yet.

Only reason I’m waiting for retirement is I just don’t have the time right now to fully enjoy it. I might have the time to drive it 3-4 times during a summer. Hopefully when I retire in a year or 2 I’ll have the time to truly enjoy it.

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2 2019 z06’s for sale by me. 1 is new. They want 83k. The 2nd has 900 mi and they want 73k. Hmm, you drive around the block and price goes down 10k. I thought 2020 vettes were 60k?

Try and find one for that price . That is just a starting point.


That’s the theoretical base price for a ‘stripper’. I bet none at that price for a Loooooong time.

And even if you ordered a 2020, there’s a good chance you won’t get it:

At this point a 2020 is more a very desirable trinket to flash around at the country club parking lot than something you buy in order to drive California Route 33 at 87 mph. The first year of a car so thoroughly redone is a crap shoot of reliability and function, and if that’s important to you then waiting a bit makes good sense. On the other hand if you really really want the newest thing, or if the money is small stuff in your life, then go get one and help GM finish the development process.

That’s the base price for the Stingray. The Z06 is a completely different animal.

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The MSRP on 2019 C7 Z06 1LZ model was over $80,600. The 3LZ is $90,000. That’s without options.