Driving VW Arteon Fast - Engine Concerns


So beyond just wearing my car down a little quicker, do you think I’ll damage the car by driving like this?

No one can tell you if you’ll damage the car. We don’t know how hard you’re pushing it, or how often you’re at or in the the engine’s red-line, or if you’re doing any spirited shifting that your transmission doesn’t care for.

I’ve seen many drive like that for years without any problems, and others who quickly discover they’ve brought on some early expensive repairs.

As for all the previous replies and their cautions for driving that fast, many of us drove like that in our younger years. And somehow it takes aging to internalize how little margin there is for error in that kind of driving. You can think of those replies coming from folks who are the ones lucky to be alive to pass on those cautions.

Two wrongs don’t make a right.


But three right’s make a left.

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Seldom, but I have opened a few of them up now and then as a test bed…

A 125 at 10 P.M. on the Interstate in my 68 Roadrunner. May have gotten a bit more but the thought of the law and the many deer wandering around caused me to back off of it.

A 119 on a BMW bike on a 2 lane. Still had some throttle left but was running out of 2 lane.

A 110 in a 59 Corvette at night and which ain’t bad for a 4:11 rear end. The 283 was screaming.

A 110 in my Lincoln Mark VIII 6 or 7 years ago. The road here is deserted and 8 miles of arrow straight. It’s limited (car not the road) to 130 but headlights ahead had me thinking of the law which shows up now and then.
Guilty as charged of being a hypocrite…

I can’t speak for anyone else, but–no–I never did that.
The fastest that I have ever driven was a bit over 95, and that was on a deserted Interstate Highway, while monitoring my Valentine-1 Radar Detector. On a secondary road, the type of speed that the OP described is… not a good idea.

Jesus said “Let he who is without sin throw the first stone.”.

I can’t chuck any rocks at the OP.


1: Slowpoke- One who drive less over the speed limit than I do and is a dangerous obstruction to traffic.

1 : Speed Maniac - someone who drive more over the speed than I do and is a menace to society and should be locked up, have his car impounded and possibly burnt at the stake.