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Does your mechanic measure the oil that he drains from your crankcase?

VDCD, Scroll Up A Bit And Take A Look At The Link To Tester’s Garage/Shop. It’s Awesome.

That’s not completely true. I worked for 4 dealerships over the years (2 of them were multi-line) and oil changes were routinely performed by regular line mechanics, including myself. None of them had a lube man although an apprentice or two did do some oil changes now and then.
The tech played the hand that was dealt them, including those money-losing .2 of an hour oil changes.

While I don’t know of any techs who actually measure the amount of oil drained, I know that many watch or keep an eye peeled for anything that may seem out of place; draining too quickly, sludge like in appearance, etc.

Oil changes are not money making propositions and lift or stall space is extremely valuable. A tech cannot park a running car on a lift, allow it to sit for half an hour (remember the .2 time) to allow the oil to settle before seeing where the level is on the stick.

In the case of the OP I can’t say as I even fault Junior for this problem based on parental influence. The OP states the hubby was cursing and claiming the oil was fine in her car until he was obviously prodded to actually go check it.
In that instance the oil level was fine. In the other case, who knows.
There’s an old saying about playing in the pasture with a bull will eventually lead to your being gored… :slight_smile:

If the worst sin I or some mechanic I hire ever commited was not checking the oil level before a change or measuring what came out I would be estatic.

Just think of how many real problems and errors are made all the way from management to parts to sales and with the mechanic,this indiscretion we are speaking of is a drop in the ocean.

I inadvertently measure the oil that comes out of my machines. After I drain and refill the oil, I pour the used oil into the container the new oil came out of.

Ditto. The issue is not measuring how much oil is drained out during a change but just how often it’s drained out and how often the hood comes up to make sure there’s anything in there to even drain later on.

In the case in question the hood never comes up and unfortunately, this kind of thing is not rare at all.
It’s also true that whenever a problem occurs because of that hood not coming up the vast majority of people who suffer a problem are going to point their finger at somebody.

Probably the best example I can think of was the guy who bought a new Subaru (his 3rd new one), never changed the oil or even checked it one time, and had it towed in with a seized engine at about the 25k miles mark. The engine was trashed so badly that it was not even rebuildable and he blamed everyone from the service dept. to the sales dept. to the entire dealership and on to Subaru corporate for this.

Whitey, That’s What I Devulged.
And like me, I’ll bet the volume comes as no surprise, as I’m sure you monitor the level, frequently.