Does this sound like a bad brake booster now?

OK Here’s the latest: Found out the car does indeed have ABS and began to question whether there’s now air residing in the ABS system ? After reading on line, some say that if you take the car for a ride on a gravel road and slam on the brakes (so the ABS engages), it “may” get the air to bleed out past the ABS system. Took it for a ride and did this quickly in a gravel parking lot down the street and the brakes do feel better - but still not there. My questions now are, would it be better to take this somewhere at this point and do ONLY dealers have the tools neccessary to bleed ABS ?? Also, does anyone know whether actually doing this (getting the ABS to engage by slamming the brakes on) actually works ??? Assuming I should be re-bleeding the brakes after doing this, correct ??

Could it be that the wrong MC is installed? Or possibly there is some interference in the brake pedal?

Correct MC installed. No interference in the brake pedal.

Once you get the air out of the abs, then you have to re-bleed the system.

JEEZOOO You didn’t see all the ABS stuff while you were doing the MC? Uh boyee…LOL

I wanted you to check that a long while ago bro…sorry you didn’t see the ABS unit…was it in a strange spot or something?

Guess I could use the excuse that this is my son’s car and he’s only had it for a little over a month ? Anyways, I didn’t see all the ABS stuff. Brakes definitely better after a few “gravel road sudden stops” followed by bleeding.