Do Americans still love cars?

@sprat Jawohl! I have an excellent book on US driving habits called “Traffic”, why we drive the way we do", by Tom Vanderbilt. Publisher is Alfred A Knopf, division of Random House, New York. Publishing date 2008. Most good bookstores or your public library should have it.

It’s a very interesting book identifying both the physical realities of driving and the psychological factors that make drivers behave the way they do. You will learn a lot abut American drivers just by reading it.

My cars are in the garage. The only thing outside is my trailer. I’ve got a lot of good junk too but the cars are still in.

If you think folks have lost interest in cars, just come to the Back to the 50s car show in St. Paul in a couple weeks. Over 10,000 1964 and earlier cars and thousands of people show up. Like I said, I remember the excitement of going down to the Ford garage and seeing the new 57 Ford. It was quite different than the 56. If you had a 55 or 56, you suddenly wanted a 57. When someone comes up with a great design and exciting car, people are very enthused about it. But when one dirty silver little car looks the same as a dirty brown one next to it, who cares?

Lack of a car or a driver license is problematic

For several people, having no license doesn’t prevent them from driving.

I can tell you that “love of cars” unlike love of people is transient. You can love them when they treat you well but a break down at the wrong time can bring out discuss and hatred faster then you can say “what a pile of junk” . We are a fickled lot and consider yourself a little strange if you indeed, fall in love with inanimate objects.