Diesel trucks that "Roll Coal"


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Had a bud? do that to me once as I was riding my bicycle home from work, told him I did not think it was funny, he obviously did, and told him I will be carrying a splat gun if he does it again.


I know several folks that have pick up trucks and use them for work. Painters, carpenters etc. Some in business for them selves and some work for contracting companies. Good use for pick ups. I also know a few folks that the only time they had paint in the back was going from a big box store to home to paint at home. The bed is clean and they get grumpy if it gets dirty. Some of them use the pick up as a compensator - good for them. When a diesel is blowing black smoke out of the exhaust they are overloading the engine, unburned fuel is going out the exhaust. If they back off the pedal the acceleration would not change, might even improve a bit and the mileage would improve.


I believe that a late model truck’s ECM prevents the black smoke when operating as designed and re-programming is required to put out the smoke screen.

Long ago someone pointed out to me that those who make a great effort to be noticed offer the least worth taking notice of. As I grew older I realized how true that was. People who actually have something worthwhile to see charge you to see it.


Turbo diesel engines can see massive gains in HP and torque with just ECU tuning alone. 100+ HP and 150+ lb/ft of torque are not unusual gains at all, if you have other supporting mods, there’s plenty more to be had. The downsides are that EGT’s tend to rise substantially, and transmission durability because a real concern. Often times you will see more smoke out of the exhaust, but not to the extent of the people who get tunes specifically with rolling coal in mind. It’s not real common around here, but I do see it from time to time. The folks around here who have $60k+ diesel pickups typically don’t live in trailer parks, but rather $500k+, 4500+ square foot houses on 3-5 acre lots. Being a redneck and being financially successful are not necessarily mutually exclusive.


Ha ha ha. Around here these are the kind of guys that like to go around during snow storms pulling people out of ditches for free. Terrible people.


I don’t doubt it, Where state are you in? I also doubt the folks you refer too have a replica of the male anatomy hanging from the back of their truck. Many around here that drive such trucks do not have the means to afford a 50k vehicle. Many times they do without in other areas so they can drive these brodozers.

I will take a few pics tomorrow.

I don’t think we are talking about the same type of people.


@Rick_Rugerson I have lived in Indiana most of my life. Unfortunately, I don’t have the wherewithal to buy a big diesel pickup truck. You
must have wealthier people in your part of Indiana
I can’t believe that a diesel pickup would be cheaper to run than a gasoline pickup. I don’t think the better mileage of the diesel would make up for the higher cost of diesel fuel over gasoline.


I’m near vigo county. Terrahaute area.

I’m assuming that you must live near Bloomington? You seem to have a totally different experience than I do with the locals. Bloomington is a nice area with decent folks. There are decent folks in my area, but too many bone heads.


I live in East Central Indiana north of Indianapolis. We have lost a lot of industry in my area due to auto plant closings. People don’t have the money for $60,000 vehicles.


We measure snow fall in sixteenths of an inch down here @Bing. Maybe the coal powered dualies in my neighborhood travel north on weekends to be of service. There are a few Rams with dual chrome stacks. I’m curious just what all that exhaust costs.


I live in central VA

Not commonplace, it was sort of a passing fad about 3-5 years ago, but even then, it wasn’t prevalent.

I know whom you speak of, and there are a few of them around here. They have a new F-350 Platinum in the driveway that’s literally worth more than their house and the land it’s on, and it’s a genuine mystery how they got credit approval because, you know for a fact they they have 4 kids, the wife doesn’t work and this guy might do 20 hours a week cleaning the aquarium at Bass Pro.


For all the years you’ve been on this forum, you’ve only complained about your area

I will say it again . . .


You seem to be a very skilled worker. There is nothing preventing you from getting a similar job elsewhere, selling your house and relocating to an area that is more to your liking

You are obviously miserable, and worse yet . . . you want everybody to know it

We know it . . . how could we ever forget, since you remind us daily?

You remind me of some of my relatives, who are miserable, want everybody to know, and even want everybody else to also be miserable

You’re not pulling me down . . . nice try, though

All of my family members have relocated at various times in their lives, either voluntarily or otherwise, and they all hit the ground running.

You have no excuse whatsoever

Stop whining and move already


The problem with moving is that no matter where you go, there YOU are.


Stereotype much? Quite the prejudiced view lumping everyone who drive such trucks into the very same bucket. Sort of like thinking every Prius driver is a Birkinstock wearing, Whole Foods shopping, weed smoking Bernie supporter. (Or “Burnie for President” as I saw on a bumper sticker during the primaries)

There are lot of jacked up diesel trucks rolling on 26 inch wheels with low profile tires or huge 40 inch mudder tires. Some are rolling coal. Off-roading is popular in FL with swampy areas so mudders are a must. There is even the Redneck Yacht Club with a huge mud-hole and concerts - usually country music. From what I can see, many are owned by hard working landscapers, ranchers and farmers. Some may be trailer dwellers, but Prius drivers live in FL trailers, too. And the last time I voted, I saw a Prius with a “Vote Trump” bumper sticker parked in the lot.

Diesels run a bit differently than gas engines. For the best economy and emissions, they run extra-lean with excess air. More power can be achieved by running over-rich. Since there isn’t enough air to fully burn the fuel, you get smoke. Pretty much illegal as heck since it modifies the emission system and the Feds take a dim view of that. But almost no one enforces it. Much like open pipes on nearly every Harley-Davidson.


There’s smoke, and there’s rolling coal. That’s just for show, and a stupid show it is.


I’m very surprised I have yet to see a coal roller since we have an excess of giant pickups with pea brained drivers. I did see a truck spewing copious amounts of blue smoke. At least the engine probably didn’t have very much life left.


At first I thought the OP’s post was a complaint about showoffs with jacked-up diesel pickup trucks bowing black smoke, but he only devoted a few sentences to that. He then went into a lengthy string of political commentary that wandered everywhere and seemed bent on insulting conservatives. At that point I realized the truck comments were just a Segway to the political mud slinging. Sorry, Rick, but this ain’t kosher.

Trucks jacked way up with monster tires blowing thick black smoke are generally people trying to get attention and not realizing that rather than evoking envy they’re evoking disgust. In NH they’re illegal, but I still see one occasionally. I guess that if you know the right person you can get anything to pass inspection.


I guess diesel engines have changed since the 1978 Mercedes 240 D Mrs. Triedaq thought would be a perfect fit for my personality. The used 240 D made a big stink, a lot of noise and didn’t move very fast. That’s me. Now the coal roller trucks only meet two of my personality traits–they do make a big stink and a lot of noise, but they move too fast for me. I guess I won’t be buying one so I can be an Indiana 'good ole boy".


Just return the ECU calibration to factory stock to pass emissions (do diesels even need to get emission inspections?) and re-install the Rolling Smoke cals after. It is as easy as that, unfortunately!