Diesel in Gas vehicle


On the Ask Someone site I think is what is number 5 question in the last couple of months about what to do after putting diesel fuel in a gas vehicle. How do they do that as none of those posters have returned to tell how they did it .


Stupidity breeds ingenuity? There are people out there that have figured out how to fit square pegs into round holes so…


A friend’s sister filled her un-leaded gas vehicle with leaded gas (many years ago!) complaining the whole time because the nozzle would NOT fit inside the filler neck. So she patiently dribbled leaded gas into her catalyst equipped vehicle until it was nearly full.

She then complained about it to her automotive engineer dad and brother about the lack of standardization in the auto industry. She was a chemical engineer and was surprised when her bother and dad explained what she’d obviously done.


It was a chemist that “discovered” cold fusion a number of years ago. I told everyone I could at the time that it was impossible but the media still swallowed it hook, line and sinker.


Well I’m not going to be so quick to call them stupid. I have a relative that is a General in the Army transportation, that managed to put gas in a diesel rental in Europe. I suspect that is easier to do because of the smaller gas nozzles than the other way around but it can be confusing as you stop at different stations around the country. Normally green is for diesel but I’ve seen green gas nozzles too and actually myself had to stop and scratch my head for a few minute to see exactly what it was. I’m not your normal idiot either and drove both gas and diesel cars and always check. In the 80’s when GM first came out with diesels it was actually quite common for people to disable their new diesel Caddies with gas and it wasn’t cheap.


We will never know, but perhaps those people don’t come back because they see comments like this wondering if they’re stupid. Let’s not talk about strangers this way.


So someone does something stupid, we can’t say it was stupid? Now that’s stupid. I guess political correctness knows no bounds. But maybe your right, Maybe we should make them feel good and boost their self esteem for costing them selves money and time they need not have spent on fixing the problems and/or damage they caused themselves. Because they were too (s&@&?d) to read the words on the fuel pump.
I was once told that I was inappropriately honest, I couldn’t believe it. Then I figured it out. They were being politically correct about telling me I wasn’t being politically correct. Sorry folks “truth is neither joyful nor sad, neither good nor bad, it is simply truth” quoted from The Matlock Papers by Robert Ludlum.


There’s a difference between what’s written above in this thread (maybe they’re stupid) and pointing out where they went wrong on a case by case basis, which you as a collective do. I’d never say you need to give everybody a participation trophy and tell them it’s going to be all right. Lots of times, it’s not. They have to deal with the consequences. And they may feel stupid after they get clobbered with charges for a rebuild/replacement/new car/whatever, but that’s for them, not us.

One afterthought. This isn’t about political correctness. If you were hanging around somewhere and somebody you’d never seen before, with no context, asked a question would you call them stupid to his/her face? The regulars here have a certain amount of context and can handle a certain level of sarcasm from each other. The new folks are also are patrons and customers and we are trying to serve all of you, and expand capacity for that.