Did I really read that?

5 things posted ( there are lots more than 5 ) that just makes your head hurt.

  1. Can I save wear on my brakes by stopping car with parking brake

  2. I ran out of gas even though the dash readout said 13 miles to empty

  3. I will push my car out of the garage to hang up laundry to reduce wear on the engine

  4. Should I chrome plate my Porsche brake rotors so they won’t rust and last longer

  5. Toyota’s are made for short people and Ford’s are made for tall people

    I seem to remember one poster saying they left an automatic truck in drive with the parking brake set on an incline while they went behind it to close a gate. ( this could be #6 but I could not find it the files)

You can only lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink from the river of knowledge.

Yeah but we still drive in the parkway, and park in the driveway. So I was at this park great big sign, whatever park, underneath a no parking sign, life goes on!

Truth is stranger than fiction my friend.

I had a partner that used to remind me once in a while that the reason I had a job was because of others’ stupidity. This was not car related, but still applies IMHO.

“I will push my car out of the garage to hang up laundry to reduce wear on the engine”

Are you saying this is not a good thing to do? (And good exercise, too.)

and if my readout said I had 13 more miles, I would expect it to go at least that far. we had a cougar that told us how many more miles we could go and it was pretty accurate

The only car I specifically recall being focused on tall people were the 1946-48 Dodges. The ads showed a guy getting in and not having to take his HAT!! off.

The car itself, as well as the Plymouths of those years, looked top-heavy and ungainly.

Let’s not forget the story of the woman who stopped her car in a lane on the highway and got out to watch some ducks.

Our neighbor was backing his Ford F150 down a boat ramp while leaning out the open drivers door, and then fell out. The truck (running) with the trailer slid down the ramp and into the mountain lake. Nothing hurt but his pride.

A guy who bought a new Subaru from a dealer where I worked completely wiped the engine out after 2 years and 25k miles because he did not change the oil; even one time. The oil was nothing but tar and the engine not worth rebuilding.

He went ballistic and said that “It’s all your fault. No one at the dealership told me I had to change the oil”.

Many moons ago I worked at an ATV/motorcycle/boat shop. We had all kinds come through there.

One day a young man came in and paid cash for a brand new Ninja 250 motorcycle. He was very excited, and had his pretty girlfriend with him. The salesman took the bike around to the shop to be gassed up, etc. After the customer and the salesman shook hands, the young man got on the bike, fired it up and pulled away…and dropped the bike on its side not 50 feet from the shop door. Come to find out the young man had never ridden a motorcycle before, and now his brand new bike had the whole side scratched up. The truly amazing thing was he had the gall to ask the manager if he’d refund the guy’s money. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way…

Another time a customer came in with a blond on his arm, and a tattoo so fresh it was still bleeding a little. He paid cash for a Crownline boat we had in the showroom, which was one of the most expensive ski boats we sold. Apparently the guy had just won some sort of settlement that day, and he’d decided to go shopping.

“the guy had just won some sort of settlement that day, and he’d decided to go shopping.”

…shopping for blonds, or for boats, or for both?


Nothing like a nice big tatoo and wife beater shirt to draw the girls.

Buick markets to the tall crowd… as evidenced by the Shaquille O’Neal commercial.

if the guy had never ridden a bike, how did he get a motorcycle license? if he did not have a motorcycle license why was he “gassed up”" and sent on his way?

At the time I was a parts counter lackey, so I wasn’t privvy to all of the details. This was in the mid to late 90s, so things may have been different then. But the 2 summers I worked there were quite memorable…

ok4450 I have a similar “no oil change” story. My neighbor who was a member of a different Army National Guard unit than mine was deployed to Desert Shield/Desert Storm in 1990. A few Months prior to him leaving they had purchased a new Chevy Astro van. He was gone for about 14 Months. About a Month before he returned I noticed his wife was driving their old Ford LTD. After he returned I discovered the Astro had a “wiped” engine from zero oil changes. Who is to blame? He was the 1st SGT of his unit and was probably very busy. He should have instructed his clueless wife. I offered to help if needed. His wife always said everything was fine. When I was deployed 9 years later my wife over serviced her 1999 Subaru Outback at 3,000 miles. A large chunk of my neighbor’s tax free money went to getting the Astro repaired.

When a soldier is deployed, he cannot and should not need to worry about his car back home. To say that any soldier participating in Desert Storm was probably very busy gives whole new meaning to the word “understatement”. When you’re deployed, particularly for a specific mission, your mission takes over your entire life. It is impossible to overstate that.

It’s unfortunate that his wife wasn’t more knowledgeable in how to maintain her car. Hopefully this will be an education for her.

My sincerest thanks go to you and to your neighbor for your service to our country. You both have a very grateful nation behind you. I only wish I could do something to help.

“After he returned I discovered the Astro had a “wiped” engine from zero oil changes”

Sadly, that tale is very familiar to me.
When my brother was deployed to Vietnam, he left his 3 yr old VERY well-maintained VW Beetle in the care of his new bride. She decided that she didn’t like driving it, so she apparently allowed her father to run local errands for ~1 yr with the VW.

I should have known that something was amiss when I had to go to their house–repeatedly–to jump-start the VW. Only upon my brother’s return did we find out the Beetle had never had its oil changed for that one year of mostly 1 1/2 mile local errands, nor was the valve lash adjusted during that time, nor was any other service done.

As you can guess, my brother had to junk his beloved little VW shortly after he returned from serving his country. And…he and wifey were divorced not long after. As it turned out, even though his car was never serviced while he was overseas, his wife was serviced on a regular basis.