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Crossfire Snow Tires

Well said. I own a 95 Mustang Cobra and live in the Denver metro area. Even with snow tires, my car kicks out far too much power and with the posi-track (or whatever Ford calls it) if one wheel spins and the other has traction, I spin like mezacyclone. My Saturn with the FWD and TC is much superior to the beast in bad weather.

Just down the road from my house, there is someone who owns a Mustang–circa 2000 or so. About 6 years ago, I spotted him–stuck–in 6 inch-deep snow on a street corner that he was trying to negotiate.

Sure enough, the following winter, I saw him stuck again, in the exact same place, in about the same amount of snow. Since then, he has either decided to avoid driving this car in the snow or he has finally gotten winter tires because I have not seen him stranded again.

Modern RWD cars can be a lot of fun to drive, but without winter tires, they can be a major hassle in bad winter conditions.