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Could not replacing busted engine mounts kill me?

This has been so stressful that I’m probably going to sell the car once I decide what I want next. It was intended to be a beater to get me through after totaling my truck last winter, and this has not been worth the stress. Today’s mechanic recommended that I do replace cracking turbo intake hoses, but when I told him I was just going to replace the car he said not to bother with that repair as it wasn’t currently a safety issue, which is all I really cared about in the first place. Thanks everyone!

Maybe the boyfriend is concerned and throws out ridiculous warnings to speed up trashing that piece of trash. The car is a money pit. It might be a lot of fun for an experienced and well equipped DIY mechanic who has a great lust for Saabs but it is a very poor choice for a daily driver when paying exorbitant prices for parts and labor. The car is a toy. An expensive toy.

It’s interesting that when the first mechanic originally said that the mounts were bad and needed to be replaced (irrespective of the boyfriend’s assessment), you were advised to get a second opinion. I agree, whenever there is a high $ repair it pays to get a second opinion to be sure. But then the second opinion comes in and it’s 180 degrees from the first one- no need to worry, they are fine. Then some people chime in saying great! good thing you got a second opinion, no need to worry now…

Am I the only one that is even more alarmed when I get two completely opposite diagnosis? Why do people tend to put more weight on, or trust in, the one that says there is no problem? What makes you tend to believe that one over the first one? Is it because it’s what we unconsciously want to hear? Or perhaps an ingrained belief that the prevailing mode of operation is to suggest repairs that aren’t really needed?

I certainly wouldn’t stop if I got two completely opposite, purportedly expert opinions. I would want a tie breaker at least :wink:

Twin Turbo - this is not the only repair I got conflicting/opposing advice on, which is why I’m getting out of it (and also my ‘fml’ comment) - that’s where most of my stress is coming from. I’m not educated enough in this area to trust my own judgement, which is why I’m going to go for something used/certified with a warranty. I know that won’t relieve me of all worries car-related, but still.