Clean your car and be safe in this corona era

Now, the most spoken word in the world is coronavirus. Though it was first identified in China, it has become a world threat. Actually, we don’t know where the virus has been taken place to attack us. So, we should be very aware at the time of driving. Recently, I have read an article about How to clean your car to be safe from coronavirus?. It seems useful to me and that’s why I am sharing it with you. I think you should also know the facts to be safe from the epidemic. I am eager to know about your caution.

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I’ll have some of that steel tubing with my car parts, thank you. I don’t flag but this is an advertisement. The other one is a suspect paid Chinese troll spreading doubt about where it actually originated and was covered up for a month. Not bad English but not perfect. Change my mind.

I have a feeling poster of the flagged post works together with the original poster.

OP recently also posted on other car forums linking to URLs that sell tools or items to clean cars. Here is a partial copy of one of his posts (I replaced the link with xxxxxx):
“…You know what you can do the job by yourself if you have the proper tool and it is an oil filter wrench. So, just go to the market, choose a good oil filter wrench, change the oil and the filter after 5000 miles, and ensure the best performance of your car. You can visit for an oil filter wrench…”

The poster of the flagged post posted links to a website in the Philippines, also selling car related tools and cleaning products.

Sunlight and moderately hot temperatures kill this virus. I’ve got that covered, in fact we’ve got higher temperatures than that.

So, the ole Grand Prix is self-quarantining in “visitor parking,” in front of our building, for the afternoon, self-disinfecting, while we’re at the pool!

It’s sunny every day and temperatures are in the mid-eighties (sunny and 86* currently), going into nineties on the week-end. The geckos have been very active.

That car will get hot enough inside to kill the virus in a matter of minutes, if there’s any virus around, that is.

There’s no reason to do any disinfecting here, Mother Nature takes care of it. Feel the magic!
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Not according to Dr. Fauci. It is NOT known how the virus will behave during hot weather.The good think is that it is known that the virus will not survive longer than 72 hours on a surface…

Whatever… :roll_eyes: life is good here, really good!. I’m doing what I can, within reason. We’re distancing ourselves from everybody at the pool, beach, golf course, boat launches, etcetera, way distancing, well beyond 6 feet. (Drank a Land Shark with a guy (Canadian citizen) at the golf course this morning after a round of golf, not sitting near each other). It was hot! It was sunny! It was great!

We are not contributing to the spread of anything, but enjoying life. That’s what it’s all about! Feel the magic! Some folks need to take a deep breath and relax. Panic has never been a winning strategy in the face of a virus
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I intend to continue to avoid crowds and the areas recently visited by crowds in hopes of avoiding the pandemic. Realistic realization of my age and dislike for discomfort are strongly motivating me to be even more a hermit than usual. Maybe I’ll get a mask. Maybe I’ll get a mask and spray it with WD-40 to disinfect it. Fifty years ago there wasn’t much that WD-40 wouldn’t protect a good ole boy from. Wasp stings, arthritis, cold sores and just general cleaning of surfaces to eliminate any problem medical or personal. And when a surface had a fresh shiny appearance and the smell of that miracle spray you knew it was really clean.

Didn’t someone make a perfume that smelled like WD-40 for women who wanted to get them a REAL MAN?

And I don’t need to prove a political point from either side of the aisle.


Who am I to knock that strategy? Sounds like a winner, but don’t forget to include a Land Shark or two. Feeling lucky? Try a Corona Lite!
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Well that goes without saying @common_sense_answer. But thanks for pointing that out to the uninitiated to the grand living offered down here. Everything worth enjoying is enjoyed more with a few cold ones.Currently I’m enjoying a Yuengling Traditional Lager but Coronas and Double Crosses are great also.

What can I say except use your own head to digest what is being said. He also can’t endorse the malaria and Zpack treatment that has been almost 100% effective so far. Hand washing in hot water has been pushed by a number of public health folks because the virus has a protective sheath that is easily broken down by hot water. Seems to stand to reason that hot surfaces would do the same as hot water. I certainly don’t know but if not, then hand washing will be useless so they are just trying to make us feel good. Just sayin’ there is a lot that just will not be known for quite a while but this is not the first corona virus.

Very likely that is completely false.

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We’ll see, I guess, but one way or another I’m not going to worry/stress myself over this virus thing. The good news is that the country is headed toward warmer weather, as opposed to if this had hit going into fall or winter. Cars can be disinfected outside in the sun and heat!

I’m actually more concerned with my safety and that of my family when a fraction of the millions of unemployed people become broke, homeless, destitute, etcetera, and go into savage full-blown survival mode and turn to crime to get by.

However, whatever, whenever, my glass will remain half full (or better), literally :beer:

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Googling “pitchfork” will result in a great many hits, many from intelligent, highly successful men who have for several years recognized that there is a growing segment of American society that is slipping toward survival mode @common_sense_answer.

And I would guess that the administration has been convinced that it would be worthwhile to throw a meaningful pittance toward that segment of the population to avoid the threat that you mentioned. I can’t imagine who would rise out of the current malestrom if things continue on the current path for those at the bottom. Huey P Long might have found a great deal of support in today’s economic environment.

Ah - NO. It’s the soap that breaks down the protective sheath. A virus’s protective sheath is like an oil, and the soap and water (hot or cold - but hot is better) breaks down that sheath. Just have to wash hands for 20 seconds. It does NOT have to be anti-bacteria soap since this is a virus…NOT bacteria.

It’s extremely difficult to state how effective it is so far. NYC has just started trials. But it is promising.

Hot weather does NOT kill the virus. That is PROVEN already. Look at the countries around the equator. They are experiencing hot weather right now that is hotter then Florida sees during the summer. Warmer weather does slow down the spread because people go outside more and are not in closed environments all day. Also the virus doesn’t seem to last as long outside a host in hotter humid climates. But it doesn’t mean it’s dead.

Follow the science…NOT the idiots.

OK Doc. Just don’t use CNN as a reliable source for anything (LOL). Guess poor ole CSA is gonna have a contaminated car after all. Get those wipes out.

I have been hearing several car repair places talking about how they are still open and they have a guy disinfect each car that comes in before anyone works on it. I just had to think about that poor kid that’s assigned to disinfect all the cars, and what he/she/it actually does. I suspect they just wipe the steering wheel, door handles, shifter, etc. down. I wonder how long it takes after wiping down to actually kill the stuff.

Oh, the humanity! But, I seriously doubt any beer virus would survive in my car parked outside, here, CNN (fake news) science news source or otherwise.
I believe they were one of the first to report on drowning polar bears.

Then the customer signs the repair order with a nasty pen and pays with disgusting cash or strangers handle their credit card.

I wonder what happens when somebody turns on the HVAC and blows the virus wafting through the air in the shop into the car’s interior?

I remember that not too long ago, people would cover a fart by coughing.
Now people fart to cover their cough. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I use sandwich bags for touchscreens, carry my own pen for signing, made sanatizer wipes out of everclear and gel, and making some spray next, Keep hoping if I get it it will not be the in the 4 to 10% that get severe, not taking everclear yet internally, yet, remember a bud that got so drunk we would watch and if a mosquito bit him it would die. Spray might work to kill the virus on steering wheel etc. Bud doing some car work, left the sanitizer in the cup holder if he wanted it.

It’s pretty much business as usual around here. There are few precautions and changes and nobody’s making a big deal out of this.

I guess we’ll see if things change when the first old person in our little condo community keels over.

I’ve got to be crawling with virus, so we’ll have to see if I’m that old guy or not. I’ve had a good run.

Oh, and seriously, Corona beer is on sale around here, cheap! They’ve even had buy 1, get 1 deals.

I’m quite thrifty. It could be replacing my Land Shark lager if I survive this thing.
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