CJ Jeep

“The new Grand Cherokee may be awesome but they are UGLY”

I think the new Grand Cherokee literally looks like a smiling shark

"looks lke a smiling shark"
That’s the Jeep look on steroids. The newly designed Grand is the most capable all round Jeep 5 passenger SUV ever made and maybe the most capable on the market. They will be offered with a diesel to enhance their already strong towing. My neighbor has one and it is capable off road, cruising and heavy towing. The one thing it is incapable of, is passing many gas stations.

Yep…the old willys jeep with a 4 cylinder would climb a tree

The shark is out to get ta…

The shark is smiling because it knows the next gas station is just around the corner

A number of people I know have owned (past tense) Jeep CJs and none of them were boondockers. A few years of bouncing, crude ride, high priced parts, and they were done with them.

My neighbor across the street has a similar vehicle; an old FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser that is nice and which he has owned forever. He dropped a 350 GM crate motor in that one quite a few years back and it will crawl over or through pretty much anything.

As to looks, I can’t think of anything more hideous in appearance than the noses on the new Lincolns. My wife loves them; they make me want to upchuck.
Apparently the GM designers who were behind the Aztek now work for FOMOCO.

I had a 1940’s Willy’s Overlund that I restored with a friend’s help when I was in my 20’s. Was great off-road but rough on the fwy. I had put a radio in it, but could never hear it. Then I added some sound insulating material and was a bit better. Still had it when we 1st got married. On one road trip going over a smaller bump, half of our newer china in the back broke (despite being wrapped). I think that was when my wife convinced me to get rid of it.

When I was a senior in high school my best friend had an old Willys station wagon. The year slips my mind but I think it was a late 40s/early 50s with a flat grille.
We used to go to the lake on the weekend and that one-way 50 mile trip was excrutiating. Noisy, rough riding, and not a whole lot of power.

The tunes were provided by an old 8-track that was lying on the back floor along with a 12 volt car battery to power it up as the Willys still had the 6 volt system on it, although music was best when the vehicle was parked.

I still remember getting passed by everyone on the posted 65 MPH highway and the engine screaming away at 50 MPH. Hitting 65 was more of an aspiration than a reality and conversation was mostly at a yelling level… :slight_smile:

The Good 'ol days

A friend of mine had one cj 2A I think.
No top. We took it to a friends.in the winter once. It was below 0.

Ya don’t have to be crazy
But it helps