Civic Hybrid batteries in series

That’s pretty cool actually.

Yes, but there are still companies selling “hot chips” to… supposedly… improve the performance of a vehicle. And then we have the people who destroy their engines by using those chips.

Let us not forget about the woman who posted her woes a couple of years ago, regarding her almost-new Ford pickup with a now-dead engine. Ford rightfully denied her warranty claim, and the chip company denied responsibility.

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That is true. Where are they? Are they near large metropolitan areas where electric cars are more likely to be found?

Yes, there will always be schemes to separate people from their money by promising things most people realize cannot be done. Extra power and mileage!! Act before midnight tonight and receive a special gift- it slices dices chops and grates… :smile:


It’s cool in the regard that I can ignore my “check engine” light and let my '98 Civic run in fail-safe mode rather than plunk money on yet another catalytic converter and hope it fixes the problem when the last one didn’t, but it’s not cool that, day in and day out, I encounter cars that have malfunctioning or burned out brake lights, creating a mortal hazard for the rest of us. Quite often I encounter vehicles where one of three brake lights is functioning, or all three brake lights appear to be burned out. It’s not a big a deal when it’s the one in the middle that is working, but when it is only one of the side brake lights, it could easily be mistaken for a turn signal on its first flash.

Since my state (Florida) did away with inspections, I’ve noticed an uptick of smoke-billowing vehicles, unsafe vehicles, and vehicles in a state of disrepair that makes me cringe for the safety of the drivers, passengers, and everyone around them. I might enjoy the convenience of not having to get my vehicles inspected and tested for failing emissions systems, but I miss the added safety that such programs inherently bring.

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Yeah, I know about the vehicles in disrepair… if you come from NY like I do, you’d welcome deregulation too. It’s impossible to do anything here. Really a terrible place to live.

Coincidentally, I do come from NY state. I grew up in Buffalo and I have friends and family who still live there. They and I consider it a nice place to live, and when I reach the age when I am done riding motorcycles, I plan to live there during the warm months.

My friends and family find a way to do things (possibly things you find “impossible”), and they manage to maintain their vehicles so they pass inspection without significant hardship.