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Catalytic Converters, Oil Consumption, and the Environment

Now no one will argue that THIS is a gross polluter! I figure it had to be burning oil and/or coolant or they were just injecting some type of light oil into the intake for the sake of making smoke for the movie. Driving a car like this anywhere near a school these days would probably get the place put on lockdown and you arrested for a terrorist threat.

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Again, like I said to MustangMan, I am looking for strictly opinions on the car, not your psycho-analysis of me. It undermines whatever else you say. I am a person trying to figure this out by asking follow up questions. I will be the type of guy who will spend around $2K replacing an engine if I believe it is in fact a major polluter. But I am going to ask several questions (on several boards and to several people) before I spend that type of money. Just common sense to get multiple opinions.

This is the issue. People who can give good advice choose to over reach on what they don’t know about and psycho-analyze about motives and intentions. It all gets kind of insulting. I am just saying it makes it harder for people to trust you when you do that, so it kind of negates your good advice, no matter how good it is. I am just giving you my feedback on your delivery. I love how detailed your analysis is. That detailed analysis shows me you seem to really care about helping folks, and I am going to consider your advice. But another poster (FoDaddy) said the same thing with the same good detail without trying to psycho-analyze me.

Posting here seems to be your hobby. To get better at anything, even hobbies, you need to listen to feedback. If not, you could go on giving rock solid car advice but also casually insulting folks, resulting in them not trusting you or your advice and thus making a lot of your typing time a waste.

You rock. Thank you for the breakdown in a clear, respectful manner. Ironic that you rock the Comic Book Guy but act so respectful.

In @mustangman 's defense. He’s definitely one of the more knowledgeable people on this board, and his initial response was basically a more concise version of what I mentioned.


Interesting that you can criticize me for presumption (and unsolicited psychoanalysis) and then presume to psychoanalyze my reasons for being on this site.

Good luck with your Prizm

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I’m going to take a different point of view.
30+ years ago, the roads in the US were filled with oil burning cars. We all had our share of them. Now they are very hard to find.

Back then, one solution was to knock the guts out of the catalytic converter to hollow it out, and then use a “spark plug non-fouler” screwed in front of the rear cat O2 sensor to keep the CEL off. Was it illegal? Yes. Did it work? Definitely. (google is your friend).

Given how difficult it is to find any oil burning polluting car on the roads today, when I look at Matthew Morris and his Prism, I see someone tight on money trying to squeeze a few extra miles out of his car. I did that with lots of cars years ago. We all did.

I also remember in the '70s defeating emissions controls to help customers get the drive-ability they needed in their cars. I know I’m not alone in that. It was common sentiment among mechanics.

There’s no way I can criticize Matthew Morris. What he’s trying to do is a dying breed. Many of us have been in his shoes.


You may not realize this, but you are engaging in classic forum troll behavior here. You’re getting answers, and you’re nitpicking the edges of them and then lobbing insults thinly disguised as life advice. This only serves to irritate the person who replied to you, and often anyone else who reads it.

You came here to find out what we would say in answer to your question. You found out. If you don’t like parts of the answers, that’s perfectly OK, and you should feel free to ignore them. We don’t care, but we are most certainly not here to conform to your precise little one-man rulebook as to how we should and should not post.