Carcomplaints posts

The posts that originate at Carcomplaints so many of them are vague and hard to understand just what the problem is . Is there not a way to have a banner line on Carcomplaints giving instructions that a clear post will help getting good replies . The fact that poor Carolyn has to retitle them , move them and ask the poster for more info just shows that maybe this was not well thought out.

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I do delete some that are really unintelligible, or literally in another language. Other times I can tell there’s a problem being stated, but there’s not enough info. Yet other times, I would have deleted a question but because I’m not in here 24/7, some of you go into the Ask Someone section and answer before either Victoria or I can get in there. We are all, yourselves included, trying to do the best we can.

For what it’s worth, the quality overall is better. Some I can’t figure out; I just ignore them. I figure a reasonable expectation for a request for advice to be understandable. Some posters try to write a good post, but they just don’t know how; for those, I might try to ask a couple of questions to make it a little understandable. However, those that don’t even try aren’t worth the time.

Traffic has increased. And I don’t mind questions from folks that weren’t longtime CarTalk listeners. I’ve learned a few new things from these new posters and a couple of things specific to the cars I drive. And I think some of the longtime contributors to CarTalk have enjoyed providing help for those who really needed it.