Caravan Squeals loudly Occasionally

No more squealing… the AC belt broke. :japanese_goblin:

Is it possible :face_with_monocle: that the AC is seizing up and causing abnormal wear-n-tear on the belt? This will be my 2nd AC belt in two years. What should I look for before I put the new belt on - which won’t be long, because it’s hot & humid :nauseated_face::hot_face: in lovely Baltimore.

Had a bud, curiously small fluid leak spraying on the belt caused squeal.

Set the belt tension tight enough so that the belt doesn’t slip/squeal.

New belt is on, no squealing. :man_dancing:

Got another question - this one about the AC clutch. Is it normal for the clutch to cycle on and off, even though the AC is turned on and the temperature at max cool?

Thanks to all for feedback, BTW.

And Barkydog, not sure what you meant by “Had a bud.”

Friend ……………

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It’s normal for the clutch to engage and disengage when the AC is on. One reason is that the air temperature gets colder than what is desired, then the thermostat turns off the clutch. But there may be other reasons the clutch gets turned off, temperature of the compressor or condenser reaches max allowed, pressures out of limit, engine rpm too low, engine power needs to be diverted to something else, etc.