Car w/ no computer parts, poss convert to veg oil

But…I just bought some vegetable oil last night and it was more expensive than gasoline!

Seriously, what you seek doesn’t exist. My suggestion is to get a Consumer Reports used car buyer’s guide, look ats all the makes and models that look interesting, search the local market for a few of them, and than whatever tyou find take it to a mechanic for a thorough checkup before putting any money down.

And forget about the “no computers” thing. Anything without a computer will have been made before you were born.

And forget the veggie oil thing.

@mountaimbike Yes, if you call yourself “frugal driver”, forget the vegggie oil stuff and do what Mountainbike recommends. Buy a 4-5 year old econobox with a good repair record, maintain it well and just keep driving. A 4 year old Hyundai Accent with low mileage will cost very little to buy (they sold for $10,000 new) and will cost little to maintain as well as getting good gas milege. You don’t even have to buy a copy of Consumer Reports; all libraries have it.

One of the few profitable “do it yourself activities” is making moonshine and you are living in the wrong part of the country, and probably want to stay on the right side of the law.

I would rather drive a car that doesn’t need worked on rather than learn to fix a car myself. Sure the trade off is higher costs when I take it to a mechanic, but if the vehicle is made to last, those trips should be few and far between

I spent too many hours behind a chicken broaster and french frier to ever want to power anything with vegetable oil.

@Rod Knox,
I have found some more for you. These are smaller but they really start out as a tiller.

That’s what they call “getting back to basics” 6 bits.

Where would you buy this vegetable oil? If gas prices go through the roof, don’t you think these sellers would raise their prices substantially, knowing that there’s a good market for it?

I just love these Luddite threads. It brings out the snark in everyone.

Whitey !
You And Thumper Have Such Nice Tin Foil Hats !
It Automatically Qualifies Both Of You As “Experts” In All Areas.
The Light Qualifies You For Night Vision, Too !


I thought you would appreciate the subtle mockery.

OP, what you are lookin’ for cannot be found!