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Car pulling after alignment

I’m leaning towards the wheel bearing. Put the wheel back on and grab the tire at 3 and 9 o’clock and wiggle it in and out to feel for any play. Repeat at 6 and 12 o’clock.

I agree that the grinding noise is probably the result of either a failing wheel bearing… or perhaps a brake caliper that is partially engaged. However, neither of these situations on the left side of the car would explain a pull to the right.

@VDCdriver True. I suspect that there are 2 problems - A wheel bearing and a tire problem due to the abnormal wear pattern.

There’s no play at all from what I can tell, just a grinding sound.

The grinding sound is not from a full rotation it only happens when the wheel is turned to a certain point. Listening to youtube videos it does sound like a bad wheel bearing but only at a certain point.

Sometimes a noisy wheel bearing will not have noticeable play. A dead giveaway is that if the groan becomes louder when curving right it’s the left bearing. If louder when curving left it’s the right bearing. It’s often a pulsating groan.

I could say it’s pulsating but it really is not that loud. The noise definitely does not change when turning my wheel in either direction. I’ve tried rolling down my windows in order to notice any other noises but I can hardly here the sound once my windows go down. I’m going to take it to a repair place soon to have it looked at.

“I suspect that there are 2 problems - A wheel bearing and a tire problem due to the abnormal wear pattern.”

@‌ MY 2 CENTS–I don’t think the OP realizes that, once you have abnormal wear patterns on a tire, you can’t “un-ring the bell”. Those abnormal wear patterns will (not can–WILL) produce unusual tracking & handling characteristics, as well as excess noise. The only solution is to replace the tires now–while the alignment is still good–and to address the probable bearing problem (or brake problem).

The wear patterns are not that bad though so I’m not going to spend $400 on them just yet. Went to firestone, the mechanics told me all was good until we test drove the car together. The mechanic told me that the bearing is indeed going bad but there is no need to replace it yet as there’s no play. I got my alignment checked again and it was all fine they did increase it a little in order for it to night pull right so much.

Vehicle still pulls right after the alignment was re-done, tires rotated front to back, and every was looked at. so yeah…

The mechanic is wrong, and I wouldn’t trust any of his advice

A bearing that is bad definitely needs to be replaced . . . regardless of play

You need to find a trusted and reputable shop that specializes in alignment and front end work. Not any big name franchised shop

The mechanic is not only wrong, but has given you good reason to go elsewhere.
I cannot imagine any competent mechanic suggest that a bearing that rough is okay to drive on. If that thing seizes, and it could, you’ll be in for a real awakening. You’ll also be in for a much more expensive repair than if you change it out now.

Having evenly worn (new) tires can help avoid the pulling. You will know something when you get the new tires. We can hope.

I also second the probable need for bearing change. Despite all the stuff that been written/said on a bad bearing diagnosis, I had both front ones go bad on my Dodge without any of the expected signs. Most mechanics felt my final drive/differential was going bad, I felt it might be the bearing, so just for giggles, spent $70 and bought one, changed one side and then the noise on that side disappeared and I did the other side.

Also, you said they moved the tires around, are the front tires now in good shape and you still have the pull?

A rough bearing is a bad bearing

A growling bearing is a bad bearing

Even if it doesn’t have play