Car Pedal Goes to Floor at First, Then is Fine?

That is what the test is for, to show you if the issue is above or below the the brake hoses… That is why I say prove to me the master is bad… lol

How do I broke the master is bad or test that the master is also bad?

I checked mine and it doesn’t appear to be leaking. But hat doesn’t mean the seals in it are ok?


That is mainly what that whole test of clamping off all the brake hoses was about, with all 4 brake hoses clamped off, the pedal should not move more then about a 1/2"…
If there is no sign of fluid leaking external, brake pedal passes the clamp test (very little movement), and no fluid leaking out of the back into the booster, then the master is ok, for how long? who knows as other seals in the braking system are failing already…
But in my area at least, master cylinders are not replaced anywhere close to the amount of times that calipers/wheel cylinders are, other areas may/will differ… we don’t have the crazy cold winters with all the salt and rust and corrosion that the North gets either…


Although living in the Salt Belt my experience has been the same. Master cylinders and brake lines seem to rarely need replacement BUT because of salt corrosion and grit, calipers have become a regular replacement item around every 100K miles or every 2nd/3rd pad change.
On the plus side, brake cylinders aren’t terribly expensive, costing as little as $40 for a reman or $100 per wheel for a complete Raybestos new caliper, pad, rotor package that will probably be good for years to come

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