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Car fires?

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While still at the Benz dealership, a car caught fire while the customer was driving it

A line for the hydraulic suspension was routed directly over the bellhousing area. Not the best location, IMO. Anyways, it developed a severe leak, and the car caught fire

The guy pulled over as soon as he saw smoke, but the damage was done. It got so hot, that all the plastic in the engine bay was melted. Engine covers, hoses, belts, etc. The heat migrated inwards and the dash and windshield were also toast :fire:

Way back about 1968 I started the engine on my 59 Pontiac on fire. We were trying to get it started so got a little soup can of gas from the station across the street and dumped it in the carb. Well it backfired and spewed flames on the top of the engine. I ruined a good rain jacket putting it out and my roommate got the fire extinguisher from the apartment. Problem was it was a liquid one so didn’t do much good. At any rate it started after that and all I needed was a new set of plug wires. It was out in the street so it could have burned to the ground with no surrounding danger.

thanks, All!

Some 20 years ago, I was travelling through the Rockies on the way to 4 wheeling in Utah. Had driven that route many times before for various reasons. Saw some ominous black smoke off in the distance. With each turn and hill crested, could see it was getting more pronounced and closer. Then we saw it. A car off to the “shoulder” fully engulfed with 4 people standing well away from it. The looks on their faces; could only be the prior occupants. Quite a few cars had already stopped to render assistance and were just watching the conflagration so we kept going. After a few more steep slopes, I could see a much smaller plume of smoke in front of us. We crested the next and saw it was a fire truck lumbering up the slope, struggling to get to the scene. I was tempted to flag them down and tell them to forget about it because at that pace, it would be out by the time they got there…

A few years back I was driving home from work and could immediately smell the acrid smoke of a stuck brake that’s overheating. Then I come upon the truck and there’s visible smoke coming off the driver’s side front wheel. We get to a red light and now the thing is really billowing smoke. The driver looks out his door and then just goes back to waiting for the light! I was astounded at his indifference and watched it continue billowing smoke, seeming to get worse when the light changed and he took off again. Much as I wanted to follow, I needed to go a different way and never did see the result…

Wow. Some people just plain “don’t get it”!
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Being prepared for a vehicle fire can be a good thing. Even if you don’t experience one. Years ago I was testing my VW Rabbit on a test drive after some repair or another to the fuel injection system, and I put the fire extinguisher on the back seat for the test drive just in case. Ooops, I get stopped by a trooper b/c the license plate was about to fall off or something minor like that, his intent was just to warn me about it. Still he asked for my driver’s license. But I didn’t have it b/c I was just on a test run. He seemed doubtful until I showed him the fire extinguishing in the back seat … then he believed me and let me go on my way with a warning …

There was one in upstate ny almost 49 years ago at a local crafts fair. Parking was in a field and the grass was a little high. Caught the grass on fire an several dozen cars were destroyed. At least no one was injured or killed.

A couple of years ago a state trooper here in OK was in pursuit of some punk. The punk headed out into the fields, bailed out, and ran for the woods.

The trooper jumped out and took off on foot after him. A few minutes later the hot converter on the patrol car set the grass on fire and the car burnt to the ground.

In 1977 my parents drove their 1975 Nova to OK. They were visiting Cousins who “fixed” their catalytic converter by gutting it. They had “fixed” theirs due to the grass fire problem.

The backfire blew the air cleaner off, not sure why the fire started but the flames were shooting up out of the carb.