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Car BAD-ery?

Speaking of Indiana, horses, and lawn mowers, this is my favorite lawn mower guy in NW Indiana. He actually is very good and has his own repair shop. They do the antics just for fun. Hey its Indiana.

@Bing. --Really liked the video. We do crazy things here in Indiana.
The electric fence did keep the horse from leaning over the fence. I would turn it off for a week or so and all would be fine, but then she would go back to leaning over the fence, so I would turn the charger back on. The horse figured out that the constant clunking noise of the fence charger meant the fence was hot so I finally had to leave it on all the time. Mr. Ed had nothing on my horse.
My guess is that today’s fence chargers are solid state and noiseless. I haven’t lived in the country for 40 years, so I haven’t looked into electric fence chargers.

I thought the first 7 minutes were painful to watch. Probably becaus it reminds me of myself.

Enjoyed the watch, carbitrator who cares

Can a fully dead battery be recharged in 12 hours by a trickle charger? Maybe I don’t know what a “trickle charge” is. I thought it was just for topping off a battery, at maybe a 500 mA rate tops. If so, that would take a lot more than 12 hours to recharge it. Car Batteries are rated around 30-40 amp-hours capacity, so at a 500 mA charge rate, it would take 60-80 hours. Maybe the AZ tech noticed after 12 hours the battery was still charging at the full 500 mA rate and thought the owner’s Hindu Foot battery wasn’t holding a charge

Do not know the specifics of the battery charger, on my boat I go up in spring, the engine cranks well enough, but it always takes at least 12 hours till the battery maintainer charge light goes off. Probably an 8 year old deep cell battery, but seems plenty fine at the moment.

A 6 amp charger might come close in 12 hours.