Can you spray fuel into air intake?



BMW = Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (AktienGesellschaft)
Bayern is Bavaria in english


He also showed me some electrical arcing signs inside of the relay plastic thing.

Thanks. But already out already have a new issue lol… after I would say, 1 hours+ of driving, my RPM will sometimes dip to 0 then come back up, and the battery icon lights up then goes away. It happened once when I was going onto the highway, and my DSC was permanently off until I restarted the car. Did it again the next day and noticed if I just shut off the car for 5 mins the issue goes away for an hour or so.

Oh well, ha ha, I still love the car, just like in your story! I don’t need it for DD either so that’s good.


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BMW = Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (AktienGesellschaft)
Bayern is Bavaria in english
[/quote]Bayern is Bavaria in German!:wink:


Ah, I was right all along, the B really does stand for Bavaria. Just that in Germany Bavaria is spelled differently. I wonder who decided to spell it different from the way it is spelled in Germany. I don’t see any need to change the spelling.


If I had that problem on my Corolla I’d put a volt meter in the passenger compartment where I could see it. Connected to the battery voltage, probably using the cig lighter socket. With the engine runining it should read 13-16 volts at all times. If it took a nosedive while driving I’d know there was something wrong in the battery/alternator/wiring arena.


You do know that in Germany, “Germany” is spelled “Deutschland”, right?



You know what? I think they have a different word for everything!!! … lol …


But it also acts as a stall warning, like, it feels like the engine is going to stall.

When I was practising driving manual and kept stalling over and over, and almost stalling, the icon lights up, which is normal behavior. So maybe the icon is lightning up because my RPM dips